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Kenmore 148.15600 – 1560 Sewing Machine Manual


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Kenmore 148.15600 – 1560 Sewing Machine Manual.

This manual is available here- Kenmore sewing machine manual


Threading machine.
Bobbin winding.
Stitch length and width controls.
Special stitch dial.
Blind stitch.
Zigzag stitching.
Stretch stitch.
Free-arm sewing.
Needle, thread fabric chart.
Pressure foot pressure regulator.
Feed dog control.
Sewing light.
Clutch knob.
Oiling machine.

58 page instruction/owners manual.



Top thread tension.

Probably the most important control on your machine is the one that regulates the top tension.
This consists of discs between which the thread passes.
Pressure on these discs is regulated by turning the dial on the front of the control.
The higher number, the tighter the tension.
There are many reasons for having to reset your tension.
The best tension for one fabric may not be correct for another.
The required tension depends on the stiffness of the fabric, thickness of the fabric, number of layers of fabric being sewn, as well as the type of stitch you are making.
You may find it is best to test the stitching on a scrap of the fabric you are using before starting to make a garment.

Adjusting the bobbin case tension is also included.


Stitch width control.

The outer rim of this control regulates the width of the stitch you select.
The higher the number, the wider the stitch.
You may vary the zigzag stitch width by adjusting this control to the setting you desire.
Blind stitch, buttonhole stitch, mending stitch also known as “Maxi Stitch”, scallop Stitch Diamond Stitch and others we’re also controlled with these settings.


Regulating presser foot pressure.

One of the best features on this Kenmore sewing machine is the presser foot pressure regulator.
This feature allows you to control the amount of pressure the foot is putting on the fabric.
Pushing down the outer ring of the presser foot pressure regulator will release pressure of presser foot.
Pushing down inner pin will increase pressure.
For ordinary sewing, the inner pin should be all the way down.
Insufficient pressure may cause poor feeding of the fabric, skipping stitches, or difficulty in guiding the fabric.


Problem solving with your Kenmore sewing machine.

Some problems you may face –

Skipping stitches – Check for incorrect size needle, Certain knits and synthetic, Unusual threads such as imported thread or buttonhole twist, Bet or blunt needle, Incorrect setting of needle, Tight upper thread tension, Light pressure on presser foot.

Also includes troubleshooting such as breaking upper thread, breaking bobbin thread, fabric not moving, machine jamming, irregular stitches, breaking needle, bunching of thread and puckering.


Kenmore 148.15600 – 1560 Sewing Machine Manual


Kenmore sewing machine manual





More sewing machine manuals are available here-

We are a family run business serving the sewing community for over 10 years. Have fun sewing! Let us know if you need a manual for your machine.


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