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Singer 328 Sewing Machine Instruction Manual


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Singer 328 Sewing Machine Instruction Manual.


You can find this manual here


Examples include:
Threading your machine.
Bobbin winding.
Removing and replacing bobbin case.
Inserting needle.
Stitch length regulator.
Adjusting thread tension.
Pressure adjustments.
Using fashion disks.
Zigzag stitching.
Fabric, needle, thread chart.
Using feet and attachments.
Machine Lubrication.
Much more!

Great diagrams!

Model: Style-O-Matic.

77 page instruction manual.


Singer 328 Sewing Machine Instruction Manual


Removing the bobbin

Open slide plate and lift out bobbin.


Winding the bobbin

Loosen stop motion screw with right hand.
Place empty bobbin on spindle.
Press bobbin winder down against hand wheel.
Place spool of thread on spool pin.
Thread between tension discs and through bobbin as shown.
Hold end of thread and start machine.
(End of thread will break off after a few coils have been wound on the bobbin.)
When Bobbin it is full
Stop Machine.
Lift bobbin winder away from hand wheel and remove bobbin.
Tighten stop motion screw.


If thread doesn’t wind evenly

Loosen screw which holds bobbin winder tension bracket to machine bed.
Move bracket to left if bobbin winds high on the right.
Move to right if bobbin winds high on the left.
Tighten tension bracket screw.


Threading the bobbin case

Hold bobbin so that thread leads off and direction shown.
Place bobbin in case.
Lead thread into slot and under spring.
Draw thread into notch at the end of spring; pull about 3 inches of thread across bobbin.
Close slide plate.


Stitch length regulator

Numerals on left side of indicator represent number of stitches per inch.
Numerals on right side represent stitch length in millimeters.
Upper incline area of the regulator represent stitch length above 20.
Lower inclined area of the regulator allows the stitch setting to be locked in place when
stitching folds, pleats or multiple layers of heavy fabric.

To set Stitch length

Release pointer by turning thumb nut to the left.
Position lever for desired Stitch length.
Tighten pointer against plate by turning thumb not to the right.
What’s the pointer has been positioned, reverse stitching is accomplished by raising a lever to its highest point.
The locked position must be unlocked for reverse stitching.


We also carry the service manual for this machine here.



More sewing machine manuals are available here-

We are a family run business serving the sewing community for over 10 years.

Have fun sewing!

Let us know if you need a manual for your machine.

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