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How To Win Child Custody Battle In California Using A Few Simple Methods


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In California, the right custody arrangement with your partner is always challenging to achieve. However, here are a few simple methods that you can use involving a custody agreement to win the custody of your child.


The first step toward winning custody is to build a talking relationship with your ex-partner, i.e., the other parent of the child. This will be crucial to begin reaching agreements together, instead of playing Chinese whispers with your child custody attorney.


If you are unable to talk with your partner for some reason, you must have some kind of correspondence with them. Using the telephone, email, or communicating through your child custody attorney can be a vital ingredient in helping you win the right custody.


The other reason for forming an eye-to-eye relationship with your partner again is to create the best possible custody agreement arrangements. In these arrangements, having a say could be the difference between winning and losing custody over your child, so get involved. Don't ignore your partner because of the differences you experienced once before - this is now business. You can't be naive because it will surely cost you your child.


Two primary custody laws will come into play that will decide your child's fate. The first is sole physical custody, which designates just one parent with the responsibility for the child. The least desirable outcome is that your partner obtains sole physical custody, which essentially disallows you the right to see or look after your child.

However, the Californian child custody system may deem both parents unfit to be responsible for the child as section 3040 of the Californian family code explicitly states that the ruling should be in the child's best interest - not the parents.

The second law is joint physical custody. Joint physical custody is an equitable sharing of responsibility for the child, where the child will rely equally on both parents for health, education, and welfare.

However, joint agreements are sometimes denied as they conflict with the terms of Californian family code 3020. Code 3020 states that a ruling can only be made that ensure the child's health, safety, and welfare. In a destructive relationship, this Californian code may be compromised.

Don't gamble with the agony of losing your child's custody or embracing the least visitation rights by failing to grasp child custody norms, contact the law office of Jos Family Law for the best possible advice. Explore the right custody agreement and effectively ensure a victory in your custody battle with the top child custody attorney in Orange, CA. Contact Jos Family Law at 1-714-733-7066 for a free initial consultation.




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