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Divorce Paralegal In NY | Cheap Divorce in NY | Online Divorces in NY  (NYC – LONG ISLAND – WESTCHESTER – ROCKLAND – OTHER NY COUNTIES) provides Affordable, Simple and Fast New York Uncontested Divorces starting at the low rate of $299. Your divorce can be process online, which means we do not have to meet up. No office visit is required. Your online divorce can be process via E-mail and USPS.

What is an "Uncontested" Divorce?

Uncontested means that all the terms of the divorce are agreed upon "you and your spouse" (prior to the filing of documents), and that your spouse will not bring you into court for any reason.   


What is a "No-Fault" Divorce?

A No-Fault Divorce is one of the grounds a party can use to obtain a divorce. A No-Fault divorce may be maintained where the relationship between Plaintiff and Defendant has broken down irretrievably for a period of at least six months.

Additional Requirements:

•           You have no Children under the age of 21

•           You have no Property Settlement

•           You have to live in the NYC area, for the flat rate of $299 (outside of NYC is an additional fee to cover travel expenses)

If you have Children under 21, the flat rate is $399.

   Your Uncontested Divorce Will Receive The Following Attention:

•  Fast and Accurate Service 

•  No Surprises

•  No Hidden Fees

•  One-on-One Personal Attention (from the Beginning to the End!)

•  You and Anderson Paralegal Services ("APS") will get together to ensure that all the documents are prepared correctly (and filed in court -- SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!!

UPDATE: As a result of COVID-19, divorces are now E-FILED to the Court.

•  APS CAN TRAVEL TO YOU (i.e. on your lunch break), and meet you at a location that is CONVENIENT for you (i.e. your Office, Starbucks, Library you name it....and APS will be there!!) -- at no additional cost (within the NYC area)

•  APS requires no more than 5-10 minutes of your time when we meet!

UPDATE: As a result of COVID-19, divorces are now E-FILED to the Court.

•  APS will go to the court and file all the required documents on your behalf at no additional cost (within the NYC area) -- No  need for you to "take off from work" or "skip out" on your lunch break to try to do it yourself or "pay extra fees" to hire a process server to do it for you

UPDATE: As a result of COVID-19, divorces are now E-FILED to the Court.

•  The initiating documents will also be filed in court the same day we meet (or the very next business day)

UPDATE: As a result of COVID-19, divorces are now E-FILED to the Court.

•  You Can CHECK ON THE STATUS OF YOUR DIVORCE 24/7 to see if the Judgment Of Divorce document has been signed (convenient feature available and accessible to clients of APS!)

•  APS have all the required New York State documents to file for an Uncontested Divorce

***New York State Court Filing Fees (total $335) Are Not Included***

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Thank You

Anderson Paralegal Services, Inc. 

Direct:   646-537-2534



Served Thousands of Satisfied Clients!!!

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