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What to do in case of an auto accident if you are in Florida?


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We cannot really tell the time and the place when a car accident could happen. Whether it is just a minor scratch on your car or a life-threatening incident, the fact remains that you also need to get prepared for the eventuality of hiring a personal injury attorney in cases of injuries during accidents.

If you are in Florida, what do you need to do in case of an auto accident?

1.       Stay in the area. You must not leave the vicinity where the accident happened. This is important because of the following: You might need to give assistance after the accident and the authorities and responders need statements from the parties.

2.       Report the incident. There are three people that you need to contact in times of accidents. The first that you have to call is the Florida Highway Patrol through 911, especially if the accident is severe. They will coordinate the proper ambulance and medical personnel to respond to the scene. Next to call is your family. This is to inform your loved ones of the incident so that they are aware of what happened. The third person to call is your auto accident attorney. This is important so that you can be advised about the legal aspects of the situation.

3.       Remember what happened and make mental notes of everything. If you can literally take down notes, that would be even better. While waiting for help, it is important to take note of everything. If you can roam around, talk to witnesses. Get their names and contact numbers. Their testimony will be very important later on if you get into the trial. Your auto accident attorney will also appreciate this greatly.

During an accident, time is of the essence. Stay alert and remember these most important things that you must do during a car accident in Florida. After the incident, it is important that you stay in touch with your personal injury attorney to fight for the claim that you deserve. 

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