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**URGENT** Get a PPI before you buy!


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Doesn't this little SUV look great?  Yes, except the head gasket was going when it sold and it ended up costing the buyer $2,800 to fix just two months after purchase.

If you are planning to purchase a used vehicle, one of the smartest investements you can make is to get a Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI).  This is not only for peace of mind, but it can save your life!

There are many dishonest car dealers out there, but that's not the problem.  The problem is that there are some really good ones with a great reputation so people think it's safe to just buy a car from them with no worries.  The issue is not the reputation of the dealer (or private seller), the issue is the vehicle itself.  There are plenty of places that do their best to buy and sell quality pre-owned cars, trucks and SUVs.  But usually they just do a cursory inspection and may or may not address any obvious issues.  There could be a costly repair looming or even a dangerous situation in any given vehicle that can easily be overlooked.

This is where a good, thorough PPI comes in.  I am certified and have 31 years experience as an automobile repair technician (fancy title for "auto mechanic").  I offer a very thorough 75-point PPI that usually takes a minimum of one and a half hours to complete.  I go through the vehicle with a fine-tooth comb - inside, outside, underneath and in the computer of the vehicle to find stuff that could very easlity be hidden by a shady seller.

Typically I charge $90 for a PPI on any car, pick up, or SUV.  I provide you with a full report immediately upon completion of the PPI and a printed copy sent to your email within 48 hours with any additional recommendations.  I have found vehicles with recalls that had not been remedied, inappropriate alterations to vehicles that were a safety risk, impending failure of components and systems, etc.  And most of these were not readily apparent without a deep and thorough PPI.  DO NOT RISK YOUR WALLET OR SAFETY.

$90 is a small price to pay to prevent a costly repair that could run in the thousands, or even to prevent an accident or worse.

I am currently offering a special for those who are needing several vehicle prospects inspected: $90 for the first vehicle, $50 each additional until you find the one you want.  I also know of some very reputable used car dealers where I have seen the most vehicles which have passed my PPIs with flying colors, thereby saving my clients from costly wild goose chases looking for the right vehicle.

I can provide you with some great consultation.  If you don't use me for your PPI, please get one from somewhere, your wallet and even your life may depend on it.

Just respond to this ad for any questions or to book an appointment, my name is Tony.

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