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Tired of those sleazy mechanics at automotive shops ripping you off on simple repairs, only to find out they break something else in order to rip you off and charge you more for something that they end up never fixing in the first place so you can keep coming back. Do not take it back to them any further, we can help you, take it to us, with experienced mechanics for +20 years. We can fix anything foreign & domestic, mechanical to electrical, diesel or gasoline, cars, sportscars, trucks, and hybrids. Can do any job or your money back, service warrantied of faulty parts and labor, free of charge. Driving to location cost depends on the distance and job. $20 within IE and Riverside areas, and only $40 within OC area. Simple Diagnosis of problems is only $10. We can fix all your automotive problems for cheap, will match or beat any mechanic shops estimate in repair. OPEN WEEKDAYS AND WEEKENDS, MON TO SUN. We Charge flat rate for labor + part prices are calculated based on car/truck model, we also accept if you bring your own parts instead at no additional costs. Prices are based upon negotiation on one on one bases, so these prices are not set in stone. Cash, Debit, Credit Card, or Cryptocurrency accepted.

The following list is the estimated prices:
ABS Replacement ?+Part calculate based on problem
Brake Booster Replacement $200+Part replace brake booster
Brake Caliper Replacement – Front $80+Part replace front brake caliper (one side)
Brake Caliper Replacement – Rear $80+Part replace rear brake caliper (one side)
Brake Master Cylinder Replacement $140+Part replace brake master cylinder
Brake Front Pads Replacement $80+Part replace front brake pads (both sides)
Brake Rear Disc Pads Replacement $80+Part replace rear disc brake pads (both sides)
Brake Rear Shoe/Drums Pads Replacement $100+Part replace rear drum brake pads (both sides)
Brake Rotor Front Replacement $80+Part replace both front rotors (both sides)
Brake Rotor Rear Replacement $80+Part replace both back rotors (both sides)

Simple Mechanical Diagnosis $10 determine mechanical problems
ABS System Diagnosis $20 determine abs problems
Air Conditioning Diagnosis $20 determine air conditioning problems
Automatic Transmission Diagnosis $20 determine transmission problems
Charging System Diagnosis $20 determine charging system problems
Check Engine Light Diagnosis $20 determine reason of check engine light
Remove Check Engine Light $20 remove check engine light code
Coolant Leak Diagnosis $20 determine coolant leak problems
Engine Oil Light Diagnosis $20 determine engine oil problems
Engine Overheating Diagnosis $20 determine engine overheating problems
No Start Diagnosis $20 determine engine won’t start problems
Oil Leak Diagnosis $20 determine oil leak problems

Axle/Half Shaft Replacement – Front $120+Part replace one axle
Clutch Master Cylinder Replacement $100+Part replace clutch master cylinder
Clutch Replacement $450+Part replace clutch
Flywheel Replacement $450+Part replace flywheel
Complete Transmission $600+Part replace complete transmission
Clutch Slave Cylinder Replacement $80+Part replace clutch slave master cylinder

Alternator Replacement $140+Part replace alternator
Alternator Belt Replacement $80+Part replace alternator belt
Battery Replacement $20+Part replace battery
Door Window Motor Replacement $140+Part replace door window motor one side
Door Window Regulator Replacement $140+Part replace door window regulator
Headlamp/Headlight Bulb Replacement $20+Part replace headlight bulb (one side)
Power Door Lock Actuator Replacement $60+Part replace door lock actuator
Starter Replacement $120+Part replace starter
Windshield Washer Pump Replacement $80+Part replace windshield washer pump
Wiper Motor Replacement $80+Part replace wiper motor

Coolant Reservoir Replacement $60+Part replace coolant reservoir
Engine Mount Replacement $120+Part replace engine mount (each)
Fuel Injector Replacement $40+Part replace fuel injectors (each)
Fuel Pump Replacement $200+Part replace fuel pump
Head Gasket(s) Replacement $380+Part replace head gasket(s) (one side)
Camshaft Position Sensor $200+Part replace camshaft position sensor
Complete Engine $980+Part replace complete engine
Distributor/Ignition Coil Replacement $100+Part replace distributor/ignition coil
Ignition Switch (Electrical Portion) $100+Part replace ignition switch (electrical)
Ignition Switch (Lock Cylinder) $120+Part replace ignition switch (mechanism)
Intake Manifold Gasket Replacement $280+Part replace intake manifold gasket
Oil Pan Gasket/Reseal – Engine $280+Part replace oil pan gasket
Oil Pressure Sensor Replacement $80+Part replace oil pressure sensor
Oil Pump Replacement $480+Part replace oil pump
PCV Valve Replacement $80+Part replace PCV valve
Radiator Fan Assembly Replacement $80+Part replace radiator fan assembly
Radiator Fan Motor Replacement $80+Part replace fan motor
Radiator Hose Replacement $80+Part replace radiator hose (per hose)
Radiator Replacement $200+Part replace radiator
Rear Main Seal Replacement $420+Part replace rear main seal on engine
Spark Plug Replacement $10+Part replace spark plugs (each)
Thermostat Replacement $80+Part replace thermostat
Valve Cover Gasket(s) Replacement $100+Part replace valve cove gasket (each)
Water Pump Replacement $300+Part replace water pump

Canister Purge Valve Replacement $40+Part replace canister purge valve
Catalytic Converter Replacement $300+Part replace catalytic converter
EGR Valve Replacement $100+Part replace egr valve
Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Replacement $80+Part replace engine coolant temperature sensor
Exhaust Manifold Gasket(s) Replacement $150+Part replace exhaust manifold gasket (each)
Exhaust Manifold Replacement $300+Part replace exhaust manifold (each)
Knock Sensor Replacement $100+Part replace knock sensor
MAP Sensor Replacement $100+Part replace MAP sensor
Oxygen Sensor Replacement $120+Part replace oxygen sensor
Throttle Position Sensor Replacement $100+Part replace TPS sensor

AC Compressor Replacement $280+Part replace AC compressor
AC Compressor Belt $100+Part replace AC belt
AC Condenser Replacement $140+Part replace ac condenser
AC Evaporator Replacement $240+Part replace ac evaporator
AC Recharge $100+Part replace ac recharge
Heater Blower Motor Replacement $120+Part replace heater blower motor
Heater Blower Motor Resistor Replacement $120+Part replace heater blower resistor
Heater Core Replacement $540+Part replace complete heater core
Heater Hose Replacement $80+Part replace heater hose

Air Filter Replacement $20+Part replace air filter
Automatic Transmission Fluid Change $40+Part replace auto transmission fluid
Automatic Transmission Fluid/Filter Change $80+Part replace auto transmission fluid and filter
Brake Fluid Replacement/Flush $80+Part replace brake fluid
Coolant/Antifreeze Replacement/Flush $60+Part replace coolant/antifreeze
Differential Fluid Replacement – Front $40+Part replace differential fluid
Drive Belt(s) Replacement $100+Part replace drive belt
Fuel Filter Change $80+Part replace fuel filter
Distributor/Ignition Cap and Rotor Replacement $60+Part replace ignition cap and rotor
Distributor/Ignition Coil Replacement $80+Part replace distributor/ignition coil
Ignition Wire Set Replacement $60+Part replace ignition wire set
Manual Transmission Fluid Change $40+Part replace manual transmission fluid
Oil and Filter Change $20+Part(s) replace oil and filter
Rotate Tires $20 rotate tires
Timing Belt Replacement $300+Parts replace timing belt
Valve Adjustment $100 valve adjustment

Ball Joint Replacement – Lower $100+Parts replace lower ball joint (one side)
Ball Joint Replacement – Upper $80+Parts replace upper ball joint
Power Steering Pressure Hose Replacement $200+Parts replace power steering pressure hose
Power Steering Pump Replacement $100+Parts replace power steering pump
Steering Rack Replacement $360+Parts replace steering rack
Strut/Shock Absorber Replacement – Front $140+Parts replace front/strut (both)
Strut/Shock Absorber Replacement – Rear $140+Parts replace strut/shock (both)
Tie Rod End Replacement – Inner $100+Parts replace tie rod end inner (one side)
Tie Rod End Replacement – Outer $100+Parts replace tie rod end outer (one side)
Wheel Alignment - 4 Wheels Not Available
Wheel Bearing Replacement – Front $180+Parts replace front wheel bearing
Wheel Bearing Replacement – Rear $180+Parts replace rear wheel bearing

Text or reply to ad for more information on cost, please include your year/make/model of vehicle, as well as what service you would like done so cost can be determined. We offer the cheapest prices possible without the hassle of calling. Will even match or beat any automotive shop’s price estimate.

Text me at 951-777-4005 or reply to this ad

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