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Huffy 26" Custom Cranbrook Men's Beach Cruiser by Christopher Metcalfe Creations


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Ad number:#776493889
Contact:Christopher Metcalfe Creations
City:Apache Junction, AZ
Posted in: Arizona Bicycles


Huffy 26" Custom Cranbrook Beach Cruiser Comfort Bike for Men

Get around with ease with the Huffy 26" Men's Custom Cranbrook Cruiser Bike. Engineered with an exclusive Perfect Fit frame, it delivers a comfortable ride. The cruiser bike helps both feet stay flat-footed on the ground while the rider's seated at a stop. The raised handlebars are designed to help support a comfortable upright riding posture, benefiting your back, arms and hands. This Huffy cruiser bike also helps your legs extend forward while pedaling, which reduces the risk of wrist, arm, neck, or leg fatigue. In addition, the padded seat is designed to be a little farther back and with a lower center of gravity. Constructed to fit your natural bike-riding position, this cruiser bike features easy-to-use coaster brakes, dual density grips and pedals. The cruiser tires are smooth-riding, and their width provides good traction on paved roads and concrete.

Huffy 26" Men's Cranbrook Cruiser Bike,

Perfect Fit frame's design delivers more comfort, more confidence and a better ride

Suitable rider height: 5' 0" to adult  17'' Frame

Custom cruiser bike age range: 13 years and up

Handlebars: cruiser handlebar with dual-density grips and a swept-back position that enables better posture while riding

Padded saddle is designed with a lower center of gravity for a more confident riding position

Easy-to-use coaster brake

Black- White wall 26" cruiser  tires , tubes , rim strips

aluminum rims complement the bike's classic design

Huffy cruiser bike pedals: dual density Krayton pedals

Great Kick stand    serial number: SHNBJ08G06194


Christopher Metcalfe

Bicycle Sales in Mesa Arizona

Christopher Metcalfe Creations offers features that keep you going, whether you're riding to class or work or spending time with family and friends.

(Christopher Metcalfe Creations) 480-459-0623 Sales by appointment only phone calls only. AND YES YOU MUST WEAR A MASK Our Service centers are closed, Our parts stops are closed, Our Storage centers are closed. Our school and training center are closed. All bikes will be sold at 1214 East Moon Vista in the marked lane. Your bike will be there the time of your appointment One person that's it. CALL Christopher at 480-459-0623.

While the world grapples with the sudden and far-reaching impacts of COVID-19, the effects of its spread have been felt across all businesses and communities. As our government struggles to stem the spread of the disease, we have been forced to adapt to a rapidly changing social and legal landscape, which can lead to uncertainty Christopher Metcalfe Creations is going to appointment only for sales. Our service center is closed and is moving to a new location. Our storage will stay the same. We want to thank our loyal customers. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Christopher Metcalfe or Diann Kupiec Trowbridge. 480 - 459 - 0623

Christopher Metcalfe Creations - - 1214 East Moon Vista Street Apache Junction Az. 85119) ( Storage 8050 East Main Street Mesa Arizona 85207

The Number One Bicycle Shop In Mesa Christopher Metcalfe Creations (Mesa)
Christopher Metcalfe Creations is the leading bicycle shop in Mesa Arizonia 85208, sports/leisure categories. We represent a diverse portfolio of products, promoting healthy living and family fun with the highest brand name recognition. Christopher mission is search out the best in class products that fit the active lifestyle. Not only do we take pride in providing products that will enrich people's lives, but these same products also perform exceedingly well in promotions or incentive programs. Agile, resilient bikes that can be ridden easily on a wide variety of terrain thanks to responsive handling, large tires for stability and a comfortable but athletic riding position. 
Christopher Metcalfe has been selling, repairing and maintaining bicycles for the last 44 years . We offer outstanding service to our customers . Our shop is open year-round for the convenience of both our local clientele as well as our out-of-state visitors. Minutes from the beautiful bicycle trails.   Christopher Metcalfe Creations

480-459-0623 Google my number to see what I do. Check out my reviews. is a list of my other bikes.      


Christopher Metcalfe Creations offers features that keep you going, whether you're riding to class or work or spending time with family and friends.

480-459-0623 is my number google my number to see what I do. Check out my reviews. is a list of my other bikes.

Christopher Metcalfe

Bicycle Sales in Mesa Arizona

with Diann Kupiec Trowbridge,, Roll The Dice Bicycles, Handy's Ace Hardware and Christopher Metcalfe Creations

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