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Custom Huffy Alpine 26 in. Mountain Bike by Christopher Metcalfe Creations


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Ad number:#825119154
Contact:Christopher Metcalfe Creations
City:Apache Junction, AZ
Posted in: Arizona Bicycles


Custom Huffy Alpine 26 in. Mountain Bike  by Christopher Metcalfe Creations

Whether the Huffy Alpine 26 in. Mountain Bike is the fastest way down a mountain or not, it is undeniably one of the funnest. This sweet all-terrain mountain bike is designed to last through any and all trips, without leaving you sore the next day. Built both for performance and for comfort, the Alpine's hard tail steel frame is precision crafted for more complete durability. And its Huffy-exclusive Kolo Performance Combo I design includes a three-piece Kolo steel crank and suspension fork, for a stronger, smoother, and more reliable ride. The Kolo 5200 suspension fork and strong steel frame mean that the bike can take a pounding over bumps, rocks, and dips, so that your arms and legs don't have to. And the sure-handed, Huffy-branded Krayton grips provide a comfortable hold on your handlebars. But you're not just limited to trailblazing with this wonder. Its versatile design makes this bike a terrific ride whether you're searching for more rugged surroundings out in the country or riding along the smooth pavement of the city. While speeding along with the flow of traffic, the all-weather alloy rims keep the bike from being too heavy and also enable you to feel confident in your ability to stop suddenly under any conditions. The easy-reach brake levers give you instant control with the steel linear brake pulls, an absolute necessity on streets congested with drivers who don't always pay heed to riders around them. And the 26 x 1.95-inch knobby tires give you all the durability you need when riding off road, with plenty of traction to get up and go, turn, or stop in town. Keeping up is easy with the 18-speed Enzo Thumb shifting system, transitioning quickly and comfortably from one gear to the next with a simple flick of the thumb. And its sporty Giant soft seat.

  • Lightweight die-cast V-Brakes for reliable stopping performance
  •  7-speed derailleur for reliable shifting performance
  • Seat Giant Body Geometry mountain saddle is tuned for trail performance and reduced fatigue
  • 26 x 1.95-inch knobby tires w/ a race-proven tread
  • 75mm-travel ASR fork delivers a plush ride for varying terrain
  • A1 Premium  frame with ORE downtube for a lighter, more compliant and durable bike
  • Efficient and precise 9-speed crankset
  • Fantastic Kickstand


  • Ages 15 & up
  • Serial # GB01T21439j
  • Product weight: 24.5 lbs.
  • Maximum weight capacity: 250 lbs.
  • 19'' from the center of the pedals to the seat mount

    (Christopher Metcalfe Creations) 480-459-0623 Sales by appointment only phone calls only. AND YES YOU MUST WEAR A MASK Our Service centers are closed, Our parts stops are closed, Our Storage centers are closed. Our school and training center are closed. All bikes will be sold at 1214 East Moon Vista in the marked lane. Your bike will be there the time of your appointment One person that's it. CALL Christopher at 480-459-0623.

    While the world grapples with the sudden and far-reaching impacts of COVID-19, the effects of its spread have been felt across all businesses and communities. As our government struggles to stem the spread of the disease, we have been forced to adapt to a rapidly changing social and legal landscape, which can lead to uncertainty Christopher Metcalfe Creations is going to appointment only for sales. Our service center is closed and is moving to a new location. Our storage will stay the same. We want to thank our loyal customers. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Christopher Metcalfe or Diann Kupiec Trowbridge. 480 - 459 - 0623

    Christopher Metcalfe Creations - - 1214 East Moon Vista Street Apache Junction Az. 85119) ( Storage 8050 East Main Street Mesa Arizona 85207

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