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20" Schwinn Spitfire 3.0 Kids Sidewalk Bike by Christopher Metcalfe Creations


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Ad number:#777279089
Contact:Christopher Metcalfe Creations
City:Apache Junction, AZ
Posted in: Arizona Bicycles


20" Schwinn Spitfire 3.0 Kids Sidewalk Bike by Christopher Metcalfe Creations

The Schwinn Spitfire 3.0 is simple to ride because of the single speed and the coaster brake with additional front and rear hand brakes (this is perfect for a rider transitioning from a coaster brake only bike). The seat height adjusts with a tool free lever for raises needed from season to season. The important thing to remember about the Schwinn Spitfire 3.0 is that it is a Schwinn SmartStart bike. This means that it is part of the family of bikes that was designed to fit a child's proportions. The seats are designed to support a child's size. Grips are sized smaller for small hands. The geometry matches pedal width to a child's hip width.

Schwinn Spitfire 3.0 Kids Bike Features

Durable Steel Frame

The perfect bike for kids who are learning to ride. The 20-inch wheels fit kids 7 to 13 years old, that are 48 to 60 inches tall.

Schwinn SmartStart Geometry

SmartStart geometry provides a great fit and strong frame for young riders. Child sized proportions provide them control and stability when riding.

Single Speed Drivetrain

Single speed bike is easy to use and maintain. Rear coaster brake pedals provide intuitive stopping power.

Front and rear hand brakes

The front and rear hand brakes help transition young riders from a rear coaster brake to caliper hand brakes.

Ride in style!

Your child will fly like a falcon on this bike, with matching handlebar pad and thinner grips, perfect for small hands learning use front and rear handbrakes.

Kid-sized saddle

Padded seat softens the ride. The tool free adjustable seat post easily accommodates your child as they grow taller.


Christopher Metcalfe Creations) 480-459-0623 Sales by appointment only phone calls only. AND YES YOU MUST WEAR A MASK Our Service centers are closed, Our parts stops are closed, Our Storage centers are closed. Our school and training center are closed. All bikes will be sold at 1214 East Moon Vista in the marked lane. Your bike will be there the time of your appointment One person that's it. CALL Christopher at 480-459-0623.

While the world grapples with the sudden and far-reaching impacts of COVID-19, the effects of its spread have been felt across all businesses and communities. As our government struggles to stem the spread of the disease, we have been forced to adapt to a rapidly changing social and legal landscape, which can lead to uncertainty Christopher Metcalfe Creations is going to appointment only for sales. Our service center is closed and is moving to a new location. Our storage will stay the same. We want to thank our loyal customers. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Christopher Metcalfe or Diann Kupiec Trowbridge. 480 - 459 - 0623

Christopher Metcalfe Creations - - 1214 East Moon Vista Street Apache Junction Az. 85119) ( Storage 8050 East Main Street Mesa Arizona 85207

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