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Huffy 24 Cranbrook Perfect Fit Cruiser Bike by Christopher Metcalfe Creations


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Ad number:#649299927
Contact:Christopher Metcalfe Creations
City:Mesa, AZ
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Huffy 24'' Cranbrook Perfect Fit Cruiser Bike

A clean, comfortable design and great style make this bike a real winner! This 24? Girls' Cranbrook Cruiser Bike features Huffy's exclusive Perfect Fit frame design. The design of the Perfect Fit frame's design has raised handlebars that enable you to ride in an upright position that's more natural for your back, arms, and hands. Your legs can fully extend while you pedal, and that eliminates wrist, arm, neck and leg fatigue. The padded seat is designed to be farther back with a lower center of gravity for better balance. When you?re seated at a stop, both feet can rest on the ground. This flat-footed stance provides better balance and control. With all these benefits, this Cranbrook, with the Huffy's Perfect Fit frame, fits your body's natural bike-riding position ? making this cruiser the most comfortable bike you'll ever ride!

Huffy's Cranbrook cruiser is stylish and fun. This single-speed bike has a sharp look, without the clutter of cables and gears. The coaster brake is easy-to-use, simply pedal back to stop. Dual density grips and pedals add to the comfort, and to the style. The white sidewalls of the 24? cruiser tires are complemented by the wheel rims. The padded spring saddle is comfortable to ride and coordinates with the overall design. It's simple, but all the great details on this bike create a winning style!

More comfort means more fun and a better bike ride, and this Cranbrook is ideal for causal, recreational riders. The one-of-a-kind style and the Perfect Fit Frame together make this 24? Cranbrook cruiser bike one splendid ride to enjoy over and over again! From Christopher Metcalfe Creations, We Make Fun. Comfortable!

Women?s 26-inch Comfort Bicycle Features:

Features: Huffy's exclusive Perfect Fit frame makes this the most comfortable bicycle you'll ever ride!

Ideal Rider Height: 4'8" to 5'2"

Handlebars: Cruiser handlebar with dual-density grips and a swept-back position that enables better posture while riding

Fenders: keep you dry

Seat: Padded spring saddle is positioned for a lower center of gravity that's a more comfortable riding position

Brakes: Easy-to-use coaster brake

Tires: 24" cruiser tires with white sidewalls

Rims: Light steel rims complement the bike's classic look

Pedals: Dual density Krayton pedals

Age range: 12 to 19 years

Weight: 31.6 lbs.

Christopher Metcalfe Creations offers features that keep you going, whether you're riding to class or work or spending time with family and friends.

Contact Chris 480-459-0623
Christopher Metcalfe Creations
8447 East Clovis Ave
Mesa Az. 85208

The Number One Bicycle Shop In Mesa Christopher Metcalfe Creations (Mesa)
Christopher Metcalfe Creations is the leading bicycle shop in Mesa Arizonia 85208, sports/leisure categories. We represent a diverse portfolio of products, promoting healthy living and family fun with the highest brand name recognition. Christopher mission is search out the best in class products that fit the active lifestyle. Not only do we take pride in providing products that will enrich people's lives, but these same products also perform exceedingly well in promotions or incentive programs. Agile, resilient bikes that can be ridden easily on a wide variety of terrain thanks to responsive handling, large tires for stability and a comfortable but athletic riding position. 
Christopher Metcalfe has been selling, repairing and maintaining bicycles for the last 44 years . We offer outstanding service to our customers . Our shop is open year-round for the convenience of both our local clientele as well as our out-of-state visitors. Minutes from the beautiful bicycle trails.   Christopher Metcalfe Creations

480-459-0623 Google my number to see what I do. Check out my reviews. is a list of my other bikes.      

Christopher Metcalfe

Christopher Metcalfe Creations offers features that keep you going, whether you're riding to class or work or spending time with family and friends.

480-459-0623 is my number google my number to see what I do. Check out my reviews. is a list of my other bikes.

Christopher Metcalfe

Bicycle Sales in Mesa Arizona

with Diann Kupiec Trowbridge,, Roll The Dice Bicycles, Handy's Ace Hardware and Christopher Metcalfe Creations

Christopher Metcalfe    


Christopher Metcalfe Creations - - 8447 East Clovis Ave.( 85208 mail ) 8050 East Main Street ( 85207 storage ) Mesa Arizona


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