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SIKK Custom Cruiser - $200 By Christopher Metcalfe Creations


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Ad number:#742364095
Contact:Christopher Metcalfe Creations
City:Apache Junction, AZ
Posted in: Arizona Bicycles


SIKK Custom Cruiser - $200

By Christopher Metcalfe Creations

bicycle frame material: steel

bicycle type: cruiser

brake type: coaster

condition: excellent

frame size: 19"

make / manufacturer: Sikk

model name / number: Custom

wheel size: 26 in

Custom cruiser Rear tire 26 X 4.0 Front tire 26 X 2.35 Extended front fork + Ape hangers + Wide Schwinn seat.

Christopher Metcalfe Creations - - 1214 East Moon Vista Street Apache Junction Az. 85119 480--459--0623

Who we are

We live and breathe cycling. Christopher Metcalfe Creations is a full-service bike retailer, carrying a broad assortment of bike brands, components and accessories, and our repair shops are staffed with some of the best-trained professionals in the industry.

Our friendly expert Christopher Metcalfe Creations Service Advisors are specially trained to help guide and evaluate your bike service needs. No matter what your familiarity might be with bikes, you'll get exactly the right help.


Our Master Technicians know their stuff

All of our repair shops are staffed with highly qualified Master Technicians. The Master Tech in each store is responsible for training the bike shop staff, ensuring that we're well-equipped to handle all types of service, and help get your bike the best care possible.

Each Christopher Metcalfe Creations  Master Technician attends an intensive, hands-on certification program at Christopher Metcalfe Creations training center. This ensures that our shops possess the highest level of technical skill out there—including expertise with modern suspension technology, and leading-edge hydraulic systems and drivetrains.

What we do

Our repair shops can handle any repair, on any bike (no matter where you bought it!), from a quick flat tire fix to an in-depth overhaul of every system on your bike. We're proficient with modern technology plus the classic stuff, so we're equipped for what you ride and any repair it may need.

All bikes receive a free in-person inspection and repair estimate so you'll feel confident in knowing what your bike needs, and what we can offer you to get things running smoothly. We're also committed to fast repair turn time, so you won't have to be without your ride for an extended period of time. Contact your local store or stop by one of our repair shops to speak with one of our trusted technicians.

Every Christopher Metcalfe Creations shop offers the following service packages—in addition to a complete range of repairs—to keep your trusty ride in prime condition, or to bring a long-neglected bike back to life.

Service packages

Bike Tune

Starting at $50, our signature Bike Tune service package will get your bike into perfect condition for your riding adventures. It includes a complete safety inspection, cleaning, and adjustments to brakes, drivetrain, bearings and wheels to keep everything working smoothly. Need more than the basics? We can create a custom package to add a deep clean for your drivetrain, suspension or hydraulic brake services, e-bike software updates, or anything else you need to keep your bike rolling!

Free tune-up

Every bike sold at Christopher Metcalfe Creations  includes a free tune-up. All new bikes go through a normal break-in period, after which it's important to re-check all components and readjust as necessary. This will help increase the longevity and performance of your bike. Bring in your bike for a free tune-up within 20 hours of use or 6 months from purchase, whichever comes first—contact your local Christopher Metcalfe Creations bike shop to schedule this important service.

Bring in your bike for a free tune-up within 20 hours of use or 6 months from purchase, whichever comes first—contact your local Christopher Metcalfe Creations bike shop to schedule this important service.


I have a  work shop ( Bicycle Repair ) teaches you how to use the tools , techniques , team work  

Our Coursework:

At Christopher Metcalfe Creations we believe that bicycle mechanics is a science, And a art. Our core philosophy revolves around providing a professional-grade technical education that teaches students methodology and measurable, repeatable processes. 

High quality training is one of the surest ways to increase a mechanic’s consistency and quality of work. Come get trained and discover what makes Christopher Metcalfe Creations  the leading  school for bicycle mechanics.

For our students Christopher Metcalfe Creations  is a learning resource and lab guide. Due to our thoroughness, the student does not have to rely on memorization or note-taking to complete a procedure.  Learn how to repair bicycles; learn how to post ads; learn how to work as a team.

 Christopher Metcalfe Creations tools are born out of necessity and reflect the same uncompromising commitment to getting the job done right that we have always been known for. Since opening, our school has worked to discover and teach the most accurate and measurable means to accomplish a task. When the right tool for the job does not exist, we make it.


Please get in touch with us by email or phone for any questions or to request more detailed information. We make every possible effort to reply to emails promptly. For more immediate support, please give us a call during our normal business hours. Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, 480-459-0623

We are looking for free bicycles any shape At this point we are asking if you can deliver the bicycles to our yard. We will be back picking up soon Please call Chris and crew with any questions.

Also have 5 openings for Students ( Ages from 10 and up ) We keep our work shops small so none of us get lost in the mix.

Learn how to repair bicycles
Learn how to post ads
Learn how to work as a team

Must have:
Parents consent
Keep up at school work

Contact Chris 480-459-0623
Christopher Metcalfe Creations - - 1214 East Moon Vista Street Apache Junction Az. 85119

Our knowledge of the bicycle business began as a "home grown" hobby. Christopher Metcalfe started the recycling of bicycles to help his community ease the ever-growing problem of landfill overuse and, address the needs of families with the purchase of economical bicycles to use on many recreational trails. Since beginning this basement business, Christopher has learned through trial and error the needs of consumers.

480-459-0623 CHECK OUT OUR INVENTORY ON FACEBOOK GROUP (Bicycle Sales in Mesa Arizona)


Christopher Metcalfe Creations is the leading bicycle shop in Mesa Arizona 85208, sports/leisure categories. We represent a diverse portfolio of products, promoting healthy living and family fun with the highest brand name recognition. Christopher mission is search out the best in class products that fit the active lifestyle. Not only do we take pride in providing products that will enrich people's lives, but these same products also perform exceedingly well in promotions or incentive programs. Agile, resilient bikes that can be ridden easily on a wide variety of terrain thanks to responsive handling, large tires for stability and a comfortable but athletic riding position. 
Christopher Metcalfe has been selling, repairing and maintaining bicycles for the last 40 years . We offer outstanding service to our customers . Our shop is open year-round for the convenience of both our local clientele as well as our out-of-state visitors. Minutes from the beautiful bicycle trails. ***** Christopher Metcalfe Creations

 Fantastic Support from:   Diann Kupiec TrowbridgeKabat's Handys Ace HardwareSTARS Handlebar HelpersChristopher Metcalfe CreationsRoll The Dice Bicycles, We Cycle USA,Juniors Recycling, At your Convienence on Broadway, El Gordo Mexican Grill, Huffy Bicycles, Panama Jack, Mike's Bike Chalet and Park Tool 

 Please Google my phone number and check out my reviews 480-459-0623 and check us out.

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