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Certified Vaccinate Dna Congo African Grey Parrots available


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Certified Vaccinated DNA Congo African Grey Parrots, tamed, hand fed 2 year old male and female Congo African Grey Parrots.My family and I have come to a very hard decision to rehome our Gorgeous Congo African Grey Parrots. I have had African Grey bird since they was 5 weeks old and have hand fed them.they are most prized possessions and I care for them greatly! African Grey Bird is a wonderful companion who is just as sweet as they can be. We must sell them because they are absolutely not getting the time or attention they need deserves due to our occupations. they eats pellets, a wide variety of fruits, and vegetables. they are young bird that I am sure will adapt quickly to a new home. they are hand tame, with their wings clipped and can say a few words, mainly "hello". they loves to play and enjoys rolling on their back. I will only consider a very loving environment for them. With someone who is knowledgeable on this type of bird and has the time to give to them. Additionally we have an enormous corner cage for them We can either quote you a price with the cage or without. 

Two proven breeding pairs of Congo African Grey Parrots for sale. They come with a Large Double Stack cage and Nestboxes. I have records of their past babies. Both Male and Female tested DNA are actually hand tame and can be held, both female are untame and are strictly ,Also for those who wants to breed. The male is in good feather the female as a few spots she plucks dues to breeding and has allot of her chest plucks as well due to breeding. They are all in very good health and are great pairs. They are quiet when left alone. They really are a great steal, selling them super cheap because i'm pretty much being forced to downsize my flock. If interested email me for more info and leave you number and i will give you a call. thank you.

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