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Control box, rigging, yamaha tohatsu, nissan, suzuki honda, johnson evinrude mercury force


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YAMAHA, SUZUKI, TOHATSU, NISSAN,Honda, Johnson Evinrude, Mercury etc


New and Old style controls-yamaha, honda, suzuki, johnson, evinrude, bomadier, tohatsu nissan, mercury, mercruiser, volvo penta, chrysler,omc, top mount, side mount, dual controls ALL MANUFACTURES , i/0 morse, teleflex universal controls for both 2 and 4 stroke, mercury GPS gauges for thripple motors

Call for harnesses, trim solenoids, cables, trim harness, gauge harness, rigging instrument panels, gauges RACING THROTTLE CABLES, STEERING CABLES, CONTROL CABLES etc control boxes, steering systems,
we rebuild control boxes w no longer available parts call for details, we have handles, key switches, harnesses, trim switches

johnson evinrude simplex box, simplex box for electric shift, OMC DUAL CONTROL,New and old style top mount and hideaway boxes,
Johnson evinrude, control box, w key, harness and cables for outboards wo trim,

Mercury top mount and side mount antique boxes, mercruiser, volvo penta shifters w cables new and old style also mercury mercuiser, quicksilver dual controls, mercury verado four stroke like new key switch 87-892336A01, also have key switch, engine harness and cables

hundreds of control cables new out of the box never installed AS well as new AND USED teleflex Rotary and rack steering cables, helms etc 8 ft to 22 ft. Sea Star parts available including sea star HH5271
raw water pump kit new in the box 46-807151A14

Suzuki outboard side mount box 6 to pick from with key switch, wiring harness, cables ns 12 box, trim switch, trim harnesses, control cables
new sytle top mount control and dual lever control
also have one working pre 86 side mount control ( blue control box) Top mount control key switch and harness for 4 stroke outboards
TOP MOUNT control, rpm gauge, 4 way gauge, key switch, harness, top switch
four stroke engine harness new in the package 36620-98J40


New and old style top mount dual binnacle control w trim switch
96 and newer johnson and evinrude outboards
part no 176374, 174584 and key switch 176556
and 95 and under dual controls w or wo trim switch
complete w cover
also 78-95 top mount w key switch and harness
for twin outboard rigging- dual lever 174585, 174552
also have engine harnesses both new ( orange square plug) and old style- ( round red connector)
side mount old style white box w key, harness
newer style 95 and up 0176381
dual new style key panels
gauge harness new and new harness 510000091 harness
simplex controls and dual lever old style control and control cables

SIDE MOUNT white boxes w key harness, control cables
top mount old style w trim switch and covers

have lots of rigging accessories
20 ft harness pn 176341, 12 ft pn 176339, 10 ft 176334, 28 ft pn 176342
new in the box engine harnesses new
used new style engine harness and trim harness various lengths
alarm, gauges, control cables
old style engine harness, trim harness, gauges

compatible w 9.9, 15, 20, 25, 28, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 85, 90, 100, 110, 120, 140, 150, 175, 200, 225, 250, 275, 285, 300
johnson and evinrude outboards 1970s, 1980s 1990, 2000 and up outboard.

Universal controls morse side hide away and binnacle mount


new arrival yamaha dual station controls harnesses, key switches etc

703 side mount box w trim switch harness control cables sold by length
we have both pull to open throttle ( hard to find) and push to open 703 yamaha controls

Yamaha 704 Top mount single binnacle and side hideway remote flush mount 705 controls complete w trim switch and covers. compatible w both 2 and 4 stroke yamaha outboard applications 30 hp to 300 hp
remote control, throttle,shifter, racing etc

704 part no 704-48205-P1-00
705 part no 6X0-48205-11-00 6 x 0 racing
705 w chrome handle 6x0-48206-12-00

Also have analog gauges rpm, trim, etc

have rigging various lengths from 6 ft to 30 ft engine harness both 7 and 10 pin harnesses
gauge harness etc
Also key switches including dash mount and key panels w alarms etc

some part no
688-8258A-50-00 16 ft 10 pin
688-82586-50-00 16 ft 7 pin
688-8258A-60-00 19 ft
6K1-8258A-40-00 26 ft
side mount 703

Yamaha gauges digital and analog, wiring harness, key switches, trim harness, gauge harness etc

TOHATSU NISSAN- smart gauges and tach available

Nissan tohatsu side mount box for parts, also have 4 wire wiring harness and key switch two cylinder motors control boxes for parts as well

Clean nice complete for three cylinder and up outboards Nissan tohatsu side mount control w key switch, trim switch, engine harness and cables three to pick from
side mount control for both 2 and 4 strokes nice digital and analog multi purpose gauges w harness
control cables sold by length

many to pick from:
Mercury mariner force quicksilver top and side mount controls, cables, engine harness, key switch, trim switch, gauges, rigging
pn 881170A20

HONDA SIDE MOUNT control w key switch, harness, control cables honda gauges-
Honda four stroke outboard top mount binancle control w key switch harness, control cables
gauges etc

sterndrive controls, mercruiser, Omc, volvo penta, bayliner control shifter box w good black plastic covers

honda four stroke outboard top binancle mount w trim switch key switch engine harness gauges control cables
hydraulic steering off 23 ft cc    including dual lever binacle control

also can sell separetely engine wiring harness, trim harnesses, gauges and wiring harnesses, key switch w wiring harnesses etc for all the above manufacturers see my other ads on this site for more pics

also have control box repair boxes for parts - omc, tohatsu nissan suzuki, yamaha etc including antique boxes

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