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Title Listings and a Synopsis:

MORTAL FEAR by Robin Cook (originally published by G.B. Putnam’s Sons)

Death by natural causes.  So state the autopsy reports on several patients at a Boston clinic.  But to Dr. Jason Howard, a physician, at the clinic, there are indications that those deaths were disturbingly unnatural.  And why did a brilliant scientist, known for his advanced research in genetic engineering, die suddenly of symptoms common to a person twice his age?  Something – or someone – sinister is behind those deaths, Dr Howard is convinced.  He commits himself to uncovering the answer if it’s the last thing he does.  And to those determined to prevent him, it will be just that.  A gripping medical thriller by the popular author of Outbreak.

JUST ANOTHER KID by Torey L. Hayden (originally published by G.B. Putnam’s Sons)

“I love you miss.”  Those words from a little girl are among the sweetest Torey Hayden can remember.  But she has earned them.  Months earlier, when she began to teach a class of emotionally disturbed children, she knew the challenges she faced.  What she could not know were the private heartaches she would come to share with her young pupils, nor how the desperately troubled mother of one student would need her help as well.  Here is the touching true story of a devoted teacher, striving to instill hope and pride among her “kids” through skill, determination, and her own special brand of love.

ROCKET’S RED GLARE by Greg Dinallo (originally published by St. Martin’s Press)

Operation Slow Burn: a cunning Soviet plot to penetrate America’s nuclear shield.  The fuse was lit a generation ago; now it is set to detonate.  But the plan relies on a traitor, and traitors are not reliable.  Just as the U.S President is ready to sign an arms treaty that will mean grave danger to his people, a Russian agent’s act of revenge unleashes a chain of events that will bring the world to a heart-stopping crisis.  From first page to last, a dazzling novel that explodes with all the color and excitement of a Roman candle.

BROWNSTONE FAÇADE by Catherine M. Rae (originally published by St. Martin’s Press)

New York City, 1920.  Bobbed hair is the latest craze, fancy touring cars crisscross the avenues, and for the well-to-do a brownstone house on Manhattan’s elegant East Side displays status and prosperity.  So it is for the Millertons.  And to the casual observer the family – like the house itself – appears solid and respectable.  Yet behind the polished door and richly curtained windows of the brownstone is a dreadful secret that refuses to stay hidden, a secret that will completely change the lives of everyone within its walls.  A stylish and engrossing mystery set amid New York society of a gilded, bygone era.

Hardcover with jacket  574 pages  Library of Congress Catalog Card Number:  50-12721

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