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The Real Age Makeover – Take Years off your looks…


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… and add years to your life.

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Author: Michael F. Roizen, M.D.

Publisher: Harper Collins

Why not live at 60 feeling like you did at 35? In The RealAge® Makeover, Dr. Roizen makes sense of recent critical medical findings, including 129 factors that affect the rate of aging, and offers 74 steps that will reduce or even prevent 80% of the diseases that make you feel older. With all this information, Roizen believes you can control your genes to a very large degree.

In the last several years, Dr. Roizen and his team have learned much more about the aging process. The RealAge® Makeover makes sense of recent critical medical findings -- important new research on inflammation in your arteries, stress reduction, chronic disease management, hormone replacement therapy, and other choices you can make to keep aging at a distance. You’ll also find the latest on vitamins and other supplements, which are age-reducing, which are aging, and which ones to avoid if you are taking certain medications. Roizen then offers more than seventy ways to reduce or even prevent 80 percent of the diseases that make you feel older. For example, coffee or the right kind of chocolate in moderate amounts can help reduce inflammation, preserving your arteries, joints, and memory. But the wrong choice can lead to needless aging and loss of energy, such as taking too much Vitamin A. AndThe RealAge® Makeover tells you how much (in years) each choice is worth so you can make the choices that are meaningful to you.  

More potent than any statistic or finding, however, are the personal stories interwoven throughout the book—more than 50 success stories from readers who followed the RealAge® program and made themselves over significantly. They became younger biologically and are living happier, healthier lives.

Now readers have more opportunity than ever to turn back their biological clocks and feel, look, and be younger. Join the RealAge® Revolution and give yourself a RealAge® Makeover!

Charts and Tables

Contents by Chapter



  1. Look Younger, Live Longer

Give Yourself the Energy and Looks You Had Ten or Twenty Years Ago…..1

  1. What’s Your Real Age?

Test Yourself to See How Young You Are…..16

3.   Get Younger Every Day

            Plan and Commit to Be as Young as You Want to Be…..59

  1. Keep the Blood Pumping

Reverse Arterial Aging:  The Easiest, Fastest Way to Gain Energy…..91

  1. The Immune System

Your Personal Bodyguard Against Disease…..126

  1. Live Smart in the Aging Environment Around You

Choices That Can Give You a Daily RealAge Makeover…..153

  1. Stress Less

The #1 Most Important Way to Grow Younger…..205

  1. Eat Real Chocolate!

The Fifteen Food Choices Proven to Make you Younger and More Energetic…..238

  1. Three Workout Choices to Age Less

How To Reduce Stress, Look Younger, and get Measurable Results…..296

  1. Vitamin Power

Why Just Any Vitamin Won’t Work…..348

  1.  Daily Dose of Goodness

 Five Habits That Can Give You More Energy…..399

  1.  A Doctor’s Note

 How to Get the Best Medical Care…..422

  1. Be Eighty, Feel Fifty-Two

Eight Not-So-Secret Steps to Stay Young and Have the Energy You Want…..467

Key References


Paperback  506 pages  ISBN: 0-06-081702-X

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