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The Family Circle Cookbook – New Tastes for New Times


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Note: This cookbook is in a ring binder, so it will lay flat when in use.

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Preface by Jean Hewitt (The Editor)

As we tasted, refined and retasted the seven hundred plus recipes in this book, there was real excitement generated in The Family Circle Test Kitchens.  “I want the book now!” was heard many times during these months and we knew we were on to something.  “Healthy” and “quick” aren’t just food guidewords for the 90’s, they’re the soul of this book.  Home cooking has taken a turn for the better – with more variety, newer flavors and better nutrition that ever before.  And that’s what this book is all about.

The Family Circle Cookbook has recipes and helpful information for the busy person looking to serve quick, easy, and healthful meals.  There are also more challenging projects for the weekend chef, or the experienced culinary whiz.  You’ll find updated versions of traditional recepies, many innovative combinations relying on many available ingredients.  The flavors, colors, colors and textures  of the dishes, vividly captured in over five hundred new photographs, are made possible by the abundance of good, natural foods found in supermarkets, at farm stands, at green markets and in our gardens.

Today’s markets feature an incredible assortment of quality foods, available year-round.  We urge you to take advantage of them: fruits such as strawberries, peaches, plums, kiwifruit and grapes; fresh herbs; vegetables like broccoli and squash.  If you haven’t checked out “exotic” and ethnic ingredients such as jicama, tofu, shiitake mushrooms, pita bread, and couscous, now’s the time to do so.  Although we’re not saying “goodbye, ketchup” and “hello, salsa,” the joy to cooking in the 90’s owes itself in part to using both familiar and new ingredients – and our delicious recipes are the forum for trying wonderful new culinary combinations.

To assist you in the kitchen, ingredient primers and how-to techniques are clearly illustrated for quick reference.  There are microwave recipes and adaptations to speed up preparation and cooking times.  And easy-to-read charts and tips provide a helping hand.

More healthful eating is a top priority in this decade, so each recipe has counts for calories and major nutrients and tags to indicate whether it is low in calories, fat, sodium and/or cholesterol.  Menus alongside

The recipes help you to plan everyday meals, weekend entertaining, holidays and special events.

Appreciating the dimensions of this book is a little like learning to swim… you won’t understand what it can do for you until you dive in and make something to share.

Happy cooking!

Jean Hewitt, Food Editor

Family Circle Magazine


Chapter 1:  What You Need to Know…..7

Chapter 2:  Breads, Muffins and Such…..37

Chapter 3:  Appetizers, Snacks and Sandwiches…..81

Chapter 4:  Soups and Stews…..115

Chapter 5:  Salads and Dressings…..143

Chapter 6:  Pasta, Grains and Beans.....185

Chapter 7:  Poultry…..231

Chapter 8:  Fish and Shellfish…..295

Chapter 9:  Meats…..341

Chapter 10:  Vegetables and Fruit…..393

Chapter 11:  Desserts…..487

Chapter 12:  Beverages for all Occasions…..545

Chapter 13:  Cooking on the Grill…..561

Chapter 14:  Microwave Magic…..595

Chapter 15:  Too Busy to Cook…..621

Index  627

Special Index for Healthful Recipes  644 

A collection of more than six hundred recipes for everything from appetizers to desserts features nutrient information, special tags indicating healthful dishes, thirty-minutes-or-less recipes, time-saving cooking strategies, and more. 300,000 first printing. $500,000 ad/promo.

Hardcover  648 pages  ISBN: 0-671-73572-1

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