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Reader’s Digest Condensed Books – Volume 2, 1989…


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..Three Books in One

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  1. The Edge by Dick Francis

Originally published by G.P Putnam’s Sons

Nothing is as it seems on the Great Transcontinental Mystery Race Train.  Yes, there are 11 champion Thoroughbreds on board traveling with their VIP owners to racetracks across Canada.  But some of the other passengers on this luxury train are actually actors, staging a make-believe murder.  And one passenger is a real murderer, with a grudge against the whole international racing establishment.  Moving secretly among them all is undercover security agent Tor Kelsey.  His mission: to thwart the killer’s plans before disaster strikes.  High-velocity action by the author of Break In and Hot Monday

  1. Alaska by James A. Michener

Originally published by Random House

No one makes history come alive quite like James Michener.  In his latest masterwork, a dazzling blend of fact and imagination, he brings the reader face to face with the beautiful, vast, and challenging land called Alaska.  And with the men and women across the ages who have dared to accept her challenge: Indians and Eskimos who arrived from Asia thousands of years ago.  Russian fur traders, colonists, and priests in the eighteenth century.  Yankee whalers, missionaries, and an uncontrollable stampede of sourdoughs chasing after gold in the nineteenth.  And in our own century, salmon canners, bush pilots, teachers, oil riggers, amateur dogsled racers, and a host of others – the new American pioneers.  From the author of Centennial and Texas, a giant tapestry of a novel chronicling the rugged heritage of our forty-ninth state.       

  1. ThornyHold by Mary Stewart

Originally published by William Morrow and Company

Gilly Ramsey is a lonely young woman with an uncertain future.  Then, from her godmother, comes an unexpected legacy.  It is Thornyhold, an old house set deep in the English wood.  Glly is enchanted by the house, by the resident cat, Hodge, and by a ten-year-old neighbor named William.  But it is William’s widowed father, Christopher John, who quickens her heart.  Soon after she moves in, however, questions arise about Thornyhold.  How  to explain the eerie chanting that pierces Gilly’s   sleep, the strange side effects of eating a delicious meat pie, the messages that begin to arrive from the dear, dead grandmother?  Does some of the witchcraft once practiced at Thornyhold linger there still?  From Mary Stewart, the best- selling mistress of romantic suspense, a delightful twentieth-century love story set amid ancient traditions

Hardcover with jacket  574 pages  Library of Congress Catalog Card Number:  50-12721

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