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"How To Kiss A Man To Make Him Fall In Love" by Michael Fiore


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City:Farmington, CA


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How to make a man fall for you from the very first moment your lips meet his…Find out How To Kiss A Man To Make Him Fall In Love - Michael Fiore.

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Inside at "How To Kiss A Man To Make Him Fall In Love" by Michael Fiore you will learn:

- The 8 Simple Steps Of A Man-Melting Kiss…
And how to “pause the world” so kissing you suddenly becomes the most important thing in his life.

- The Spark Test…
And how to know how good a man is in bed simply by running your tongue along the edge of his lower lip.

- The Monogamy Kiss Method. 
Almost ALL women commit that not only drive men away but give you an instant reputation as a “bad kisser.”

- How to create…Movie Star Kiss Moments
That make a man want to kiss you even more than he wants to have sex.

- 6 Secret Kissing Sins
Why the method you’ve been setting goals is really “chewing” away at your ability to ever feel happiness.

- The High School Make Out Method
That allows you to give him more pleasure from a kiss than he does from having sex with any other woman he’s ever met.

- The secret of Kissing Empathy…
How to “listen” to a man’s heart without saying a word…and how to know EXACTLY how he feels about you without ever having to ask.

- The Fight Deflator Kiss
That cuts through his emotional shields, stops even the most vicious fights in their tracks and turns all his anger into overwhelming passion and desire for you.

- The Kiss Magnet Method
That draws a man irresistibly to your lips while believing deep in his soul that the whole thing is his (and only his) idea.

- How to…Listen With Your Mouth
So you can discover the deep emotional messages he’s been trying to tell you every time you’ve kissed in the past but you just didn’t yet know how to “hear.”

- The Mouth To Mouth Method
And how to share your breath with a man so he forgets where you stop and he begins.

- Why “Married People Kisses” kill relationships
And a simple 3-word phrase you can say to stop any man in his tracks, take you in his arms and kiss you like a princess so your toes curl and your heart soars.

- The Eyelid Kiss
And how to form a man feel actually darling, seen and understood in seconds therefore, all his pain and anger fades away and all he will feel is an appreciation for the amazing girl in his life.

- The Mirror Universe Kiss
And why tilting your head “The Wrong Way” can make him feel like he’s seeing, feeling and tasting you for the very first time.

- The Lip Tease
And how to drive him WILD in public without anyone knowing and while using nothing but the very tip of your tongue.


How To Kiss A Man To Make Him Fall In Love

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