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Kathy Williams Writer Website That's what "I" believe. What "I" believe is not what erybody believes. A Collection of Short Stories by Kathy Williams The Show I don't know where they got the idea that this was a good thing, but they believed they had to be cruel to get ahead. So cruel that they would sacrifice human lives to make a profit. It was the big show in town. "Come out and see someone offered as a sacrifice" read signs all over town. Many became intrigued. Who would it be? Maybe someone they hated. Maybe someone they envied but wished they didn't. The prospect of what could be was much more than the townspeople could bear. With manic anticipation and great activity the people rushed to purchase their tickets to the greatest show they could imagine. So the stage was set for the hanging. The court was a mock attraction where the verdict was always one-sided. "Let them hang!" someone would cry out. "So hung." would be the decree. There was usually someone outside the courthouse selling tickets to the trial. Five dollars to see the trial. Ten dollars to see the hanging. Fifteen dollars to see them both. Concessions stands encircled the venue so that the spectators wanted for nothing during the event. Mayya was a young girl. Raised by evil parents who would give her nothing, her proud spirit and honest heart would not let her feel pity for herself. She was as beautiful as the sunrise. Today, she would stand trial before the people. There was no expression on her face as she was questioned and ridiculed for the pleasure of the crowd. "Have you anything to say before you are sentenced?" she was asked. "I have nothing to say." Mayya replied. "Well enough the court jester leered. Those pretty looks will soon be a thing of the past. And we won't have to look at you ever again." The hatred spewed from his lips like venom. "Very well." said Mayya. "Get on with it." They led her to the end of a dirt road. The noose was strung high up in a sycamore tree. The platform stood erect and solid, waiting for her. She walked pensively through the street, the crowd roaring and jeering. She walked up the steps to the platform. They put the noose around her neck. They unlatched the floor. Her body dropped like a croker sack with meal in it. And she was gone. The crowd cheered and roared louder. They rushed to the site to see her lifeless body. They ogled and stared with glee and astonishment. They enjoyed the rest of the evening drinking ale and going over the day's events. "That was a goodun." one would say. They all agreed. All in all it was a very exciting event that none of them would have missed. The vendors went home and counted their money as did the rest of the benefactors of the show. This was a good day. They would all agree.

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