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NO JOB FOR A LADY by Phyllis Lose, V.M.D.

In her unique and colorful career, Phyllis Lose, has channeled a life-long passion for horses into the skilled dedication of a top veterinarian, disproving the prevailing notion that a woman simply can’t be a “horse doctor.”  Her widely varied cases have ranged from a police charger with a bullet wound to (when the circus came to town) a leopard with a cold, and she has had more than one “consultation” that turned into a narrow escape.  To each of her patients she brings the same good humor, courage, and joyous devotion that enliven the pages of her book.

THE KEY TO REBECCA by Keith Follett

Cairo, 1942: A city holding its breath.  The German army is poised for a strike into Egypt, and the british seem powerless to stop it.  Powerless, too, to catch the spy who is stealing their military secrets and transmitting them to Rommel in the desert.  Who is he?  And what is the code hidden in the pages of a famous novel?  One man, a British intelligence officer, has the key in his grasp, but to use it he must risk all he holds dear….Heart-stopping suspense from the author of Eye of the Needle.


Meet Steve Robbins. A nice boy from the Bronx, whose dreams have come true.  He has become a successful advertising executive, he’s proud of his perfect wife with her own career, and he has two fine daughters.  But something’s gone wrong; with too many outside pressures and too little time for one another, the Robbins family is falling apart.  Searching for old values to shore up his shifting foundations, Steve looks to his past.  The author of Kramer vs. Kramer has written a novel of warm and vulnerable, very real people embarked upon a voyage of self discovery.

A PIANO FOR MRS. CIMINO by Robert Oliphant

Esther Cimino, a widow of seventy six, is confused, exhausted, a no longer able to manage her life.  Such at least is the opinion of her doctors, her two sons, and the judge that declared her incompetent.  But time and some help from a caring granddaughter work a small miracle:  Mrs. Cimino sets out to reclaim her independence, and finds that she not only has all of her wits but some of the fires of youth as well.  This wholly engaging story dramatizes a predicament that concerns us all.

THE GOLD OF TROY by Robert L Fish

A fabulous lost treasure old ancient kings suddenly turns up for international auction.  But who is selling it - and why?  And where has the priceless collection been since it disappeared during World War II?  Ruth McVeigh, head of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, is determined to solve the mystery.  This bizarre treasure hunt leads her across Europe – into an unexpected romance, along dark paths of espionage, and under the threat of murder.

Hard cover (with a tattered jacket)  574 pages  Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 50-12721

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