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Flowers For the Season


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Ad number:#1022094718
Contact:Paula Henderson
City:Lima, OH


A brand new paperback book. Shipping to your U.S. address is included in the price! Flowers For the Season is set in 1910 Chicago leading up to April 1912 to the sinking of the Titanic.

I accept Zelle payments at or cash to 933 Crestwood Dr, Lima, OH 45805 PLEASE NO CHECKS. I also accept facebook payment. Open to other suggestions but not paypal. If you live in Lima I'm happy to let you pick up the book but I will need you to contact me first. I do not always have inventory on hand.

All of these are brand new paperbacks. I am the author. Please send me a note if you wish for the book to be signed. Thanks!

The feel-good book of the year! Helen boards a train to go and visit her sister. Fate takes over and what follows is a fun but romantic love story set in 1910-1912 Chicago. Don't miss the adventures of Charles and Helen and their families. The joys and the heartbreaks.

[excerpt] “Charles you better come home quick” was all she would say. Charles excused himself and rushed home to find Mrs. Fletcher in the front parlor handing him a note. It was a ransom note asking for $25,000 FOR THE SAFE RELEASE OF THE BOY. INSTRUCTIONS WILL FOLLOW. This was all the note said. No signature. A note typed on a typewriter, not handwritten. [...]

Weeks went by without any further instruction from the kidnappers. Absolutely none of the typewriters in the Rookery building matched the typing on the ransom note. The police also determined there were no fingerprints on the ransom note. The art gallery showed no signs of a struggle. No blood, nothing knocked over. Nothing.
She carefully went down the basement stairs, brushing away cobwebs. Glancing around for Frank or the typewriter. She spotted the typewriter over on a bench near the tiny basement window. She thought it looked as if it had been recently used and just recently placed there. No dust or cobwebs on it at all. She looked around and noticed a small door on the other side of the room. Her heart started pounding quick and hard as she approached the wooden door.


Her hands were trembling as she reached out to unlatch the eye hook and turn the doorknob. Fear held her breath as she slowly pushed the door open.

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