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Today’s Best Nonfiction – Selected and Edited by Reader’s Digest


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FREEING THE WHALES by Tom Rose.  Publisher: Birch Lane 1989

With an Artic winter closing in fast, a lone Eskimo hunter finds three California gray whales trapped by the encroaching ice of Barrow Alaska.  When he tells some local biologists, the story is out..  NBC news showed the first pictures of the magnificent, battered creatures gasping for air, and America fell in love.  This is the remarkable account of how the power of television single-handedly turned and every day occurrence into the most spectacular animal rescue in history.

EICHMANN IN MY HANDS by Peter Z. Malkin and Harry Stern.  Publisher: Warner  1990

For fifteen years after the end of World War II the whereabouts of Adolph Eichmann remained a mystery.  Once the most hunted of all Nazi war criminals, the notorious architect of Hitler’s “Final Solution” had vanished without a trace.  But in May 1960 a team of Israeli agents left for Buenos Aires on a mission: to bring Adolph Eichmann to Jerusalem to stand trial.  The author, for many years, under a government order to keep silent for security reasons, is only now free to speak.  This griping tale of crime and punishment illuminates one of the darkest moment in the history of civilization.

SMALL VICTORIES by Samuel G. Freedman.  Publisher: Harper and Row 1990

Seward Park High School is overcrowded, underfunded, dilapidated public school in the slums of New York’s Lower East Side.  Yet, despite the specters of ghetto life – poverty, violence and drugs – more than ninety percent of its graduates go on to college, trade school, or the military.  One reason is Jessica Siegel’s English Classes, where students discover that reading and writing are a way out.  Jessica savors each small victory, but teacher burnout is never far away.  A searing portrait of a teacher on the front lines of American education.

THE PLUMBER – The True Story of How One Good Man Helped Destroy the Entire Philadelphia Mafia by Joseph Salerno and Stephen J. Rrivele.  Publisher: Knightsbridge  1990

Joe Salerno was an ordinary man, an honest hard working plumber from Philadelphia.  The one day, he witnessed a murder.  It was a cold-blooded gangland slaying ordered by crime lord Nicodemo “Little Nicky” Scarfo.  Willing to testify against the mob.  Joe with his family, entered into the shaky care of the Federal Witness Protection Program – and so became destined to spend the rest of his life on the run.  But even that precarious position, Joe Salerno continued his fight against evil.  A riveting account of one man’s heroic battle with the Mafia.

Hard cover with jacket  573 pages ISSN: 0893-9373

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