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...The Authoritative Directory of International Radio and Television.  Includes Annual Survey of Receiving Equipment.

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Publisher: Billboard – 37th Annual Edition


The International Telecommunications Union has declared 1983 to be World Communications Year. Activities based on this theme will be taking place in many countries, and the WRTH makes its own contribution with various feature articles.

Our distinguished contributor Will Menzel has prepared a highly informative and thought-provoking paper which examines broadcasting in the wider context of international communications. To illustrate the importance of broadcasting in the socio-political structure of a Third World country, journalist George Wood traveled to Nicaragua and discovered the vital role played by radio and TV in that country during the past four years. His report makes fascinating reading.

The individual listener can have an important role to play also. A writer from India describes how one person working at home can prepare reception data of great value to many shortwave broadcasters. From yet another perspective, we learn how the International Red Cross uses shortwave to further its humane goals.

These different examples of broadcasting in action serve as a reminder that the hobby of DX-ing relies greatly on the many patterns of human activity which create the need for radio and TV stations. Events in 1982 showed how increasingly difficult it has become for the listener to remain ‘neutral’, despite the admirable efforts of many hobby clubs to eliminate socio-political influences.

How much harder it is for us, relying as we do on the cooperation of individuals and organizations in every country, to avoid these same influences. World Communications Year 1983 may be a good time to re-state our policy that nothing in the editorial content of the WRTH is intended to represent a point of view. We try to present the facts as they are, without prejudice to anyone.

Only by striving to maintain that objective can we live up to the ideal stated in our title page: “For a promotion of a better understanding among the peoples of the world”.

Jens M. Frost                           Andrew G. Sennitt

Editor                                       Assistant Editor

Illustrated; Advertising; Maps; Schematics; Charts; Frequency Listings

Table of Contents (in brief)

A Listing of Radio and Television Stations World Wide

            From Afghanistan through Zimbabwe.



Advertisers, Directory of…..560

Advertising Representatives…..557

Broadcasts in English…..380

Broadcasts in Esperanto…..441

Collaborators and Monitors…..558

DX-Clubs & Federations…..371


High frequency Broadcast Reception Conditions 1983…..52

How to use the WRTH…..14, 20, 26, 32

Intergovernmental Organizations…..60

International Broadcasting Organizations…..62

International Waters…..189

Last Minute Information…..439

Listen to the World…..561

Long and medium Wave Stations…..442 – 524

Message from the Editors…..11

Most Suitable Broadcasting Bands 1983…..56, 57

Religious Broadcast Organizations…..68

Set Count by Country…..556

Shortwave Stations of the World…..525-555

Solar Activity 1983…..50

Standard Frequency and Time Signal Stations…..377

Where to obtain the WRTH…..559

World Communications Year 1983…..38

World Radio…..75-370

World Television…..392-438

World Time Table…..72

No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without the prior written permission of the publisher.  World Radio TV Handbook is published by BILLBOARD LIMITED under license from BILLBOARD A.G.

608 pages ISBN: 0-902285-08-4

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