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Everything You Need to Know to Do Your Own Advertising, Public Relations, Direct mail, and Sales Promotion, and Attract All the business You Can Handle

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Kingston – Books 3- IMG_1122

Authors: Paul and Sarah Edwards and Laura Clampitt Douglas

Publisher: Jeremy P.Tarcher, Inc

Distributed by: St. Martins Press

Contents by Chapter
1. What Works: The Marketing Strategies of Successful Home-Based Businesses
The One Essential Element
Getting Business to Come to You Instead of Having to Go Out and Get It
Five Lessons from $100,000-Plus Home-Based Businesses
Developing a Marketing Campaign Tailored for You
The Four Most Effective Methods
Selecting Your Promotional Mix
How Much Time and Money to Spend on Marketing
Using this Book to Bring in Business
Five Ways to Get Business Fast
Part 1: Word-of-Mouth Marketing
2. Networking: Making Contacts That Turn into Business
Expanding Your Business Relationships
Networking at Professional, Trade, and ivic Organizations
Fourteen Tips for Getting Results from Networking
Overcoming the Six Major Misgivings About Networking
Seven Steps to Creating Your Own Networking Group
Finding Mentors and Gatekeepers
Opening Doors with Community Involvement
Volunteering Means Business
Donations: Getting from Giving
3. Getting Referrals: Business That Generates Business
Developing a Self-Sustaining Referral Business
Three Referral Strategies
Getting Clients and Customers to Refer to You
Networking Through Your Clients’ Networks
Using Letters of Reference and Endorsements
4. Word-of-Mouth Multipliers: Creating a Business Image That Sells Itself
Choosing a Business Name That Sells
Using a Graphic Image That Sells
Turning Your Business Card into a Mini Billboard
Getting Business from Flyers and Brochures
Printing Products/Service Lists and Price Lists
Designing Presentation Packets
Packaging and Point-of Sale Displays for Products
Packaging a Service Business
5. Publicity: Your Passport to Recognition
Publicity Opportunities
The Pros and Cons of Publicity
6. Building a Publicity Kit to Introduce Yourself with Fanfare
The Fundamental Components of a Basic Publicity Kit
Your Biographical Profile
Company Description and History
Product/Service Description
Publicity Photos
Copies of Articles, Testimonials, or Endorsements
Your Broadcast Resume
Packaging Your Publicity Kit
7. Getting Media Attention
Making Yourself Newsworthy
The Standard News Release Format
Writing a Release that Gets Results
Using Query Letters
Whom to Send Your Publicity Materials to
Delivering Your Package
The Critical Follow-Up Phone Call
If Your News Is Not Picked Up
Making the Most of Your Interview
Making Sure Your Publicity Leads to More Publicity
Other Uses for Publicity Kits and Press Materials
Helping the Media Find You
8. Giving Speeches and Seminars That Attract Business
Finding a Topic
Finding an Audience
Getting Business from Your Speech
Structuring Your Speech for Sales
Getting Names, Addresses, and Phone Numbers for Follow-up Contact
Delivering a Winning Speech
Part 3: Direct marketing: Getting Your message Across One-on-One
9. Promotional Techniques: Showing Off What You’ve Got
Offering Incentives
Using Sales and Discount Pricing
Providing Giveaways
Creating Your Own Newsletter
Using Circulars and Flyers
Exhibiting at Trade Shows and Exhibitions
Holding Seminars and Demonstration Meetings
10. Direct Mail: Using the Mail to Sell for You
The Hybrid of Direct mail That Works
Four Prerequisites for Positive Direct-Mail Results
Which Businesses Do Well with Direct Mail?
Designing Direct Mail That Sells
Grabbing Attention Immediate Action
Getting Immediate Action
Dispelling Direct-Mail Myths
Testing Your Piece
Finding a List
Questions to Ask in Selecting a List Broker
Building Your Own List
What You Can Reasonably Expect from Direct Mail
Four Technical Direct-Mail Decisions
Direct-Mail Multipliers
Tracking Your Results
PART 4: Inventive Advertising: Cementing Your Name in Their Brain So You’re the One They Want
11. What Advertising Can and Can’t Do for You
Five Common Myths about Advertising
Choosing Among Eight Inventive Advertising Options
When a Small Business Should Advertise
Getting the Most Reach for Your Money
12. Using Traditional Print Advertising Alternatives in Inventive Ways
Using Classified Advertising
Advertising and Listing in Directories
Yellow-Page Advertising
Trade Directories
Specialty Information Directories
13. Other Creative Advertising Alternatives
Bulletin Board Announcements and Tear Pads
Broadcast Advertising
Having Your Own Radio Show
Having Your Own Television Show
Electronic Media
Direct-Response Advertising
Card Decks: Pros and Cons
Part 5: The Technicalities of Producing Your Marketing Materials
14. Writing and Designing Materials That Sell
Twelve Guidelines for Creating Successful Marketing Materials
Creating Your Promotional Concept
The Basic Steps to Writing Copy That Sells
Eleven Psychological Principles of Copywriting
Copywriting Do’s and Don’ts
Retesting Your Copyrighting
Designing Effective Visuals
Do-It-Yourself Layout Tools
Producing Marketing Materials
Do’s and Don’ts for Creating Your Visuals
Tracking Your Marketing Results
Keep Marketing No Matter What
15. Turning Interest into Business Again and Again
Fifteen Secrets to Closing a Sale
Sources of Market Data to Help You Close Sales
Gathering Low-Cost Market Research
When and How to Ask for the Order
How to Handle the Most Common Objections
Communicating Vs. Manipulating
Getting Repeat Business
Using Your Greatest Advantage: The Personal Touch
Seven Ways to Make Sure Your Business Keeps Coming back
Handling an Irate Customer
Managing a Self-Sustaining Business



From Library Journal The Edwardses (with Douglas) have done it again! Following the success of their classic Working from the Home ( LJ 3/15/85), the noted home office experts here address the issue of how small businesses can attract customers. While other current titles on small and home-based businesses include chapters on marketing, advertising, public relations, direct mail, and sales promotion for the small and/or home-based business entrepreneur, none do it so well or so comprehensively as these authors. They offer tips on networking, media kits, news releases, radio and TV advertising, and other topics. This well-researched and well-written guide is essential for any library that needs small and/or home-based business books. (Index and illustrations were not seen.) Fortune Book Club main selection; Rodale Book Club selection; Better Homes and Gardens Book Club selection. - Loraine F. Sweetland, Rebok Memorial Lib., Silver Spring, Md. Copyright 1991 Reed Business Information, Inc. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Paperback260 pages ISBN: 0-87477-629- 03

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