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Images of Erie County Pennsylvania B&W photos


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Publisher: Arcadia

Black and White Photos

Erie County, Pennsylvania, is an interesting mixture of peaceful rural landscapes and vigorous industrial scenes.  From Albion, Girard, and Fairview in the west, through Waterford and Edinboro, to Corry, Wattsburg, North East, Harborcreek and Lawrence Park in the east, this volume touches upon many of the small towns, villages and rural areas that make up this diverse county.

The books images, many never before published, have been selected by local historians and taken from local historical societies’ archives to represent the social and cultural aspects of each community.  From these pictures, mainly taken for the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, the distinct identity of each area of each area comes alive with the views of farmlands, businesses, schools, and recreation, yet despite this individuality, these unique communities do share much in common in tradition and personality.

Erie Yesterday is an association of museums, historical societies, community groups, and individuals that work to promote and interest in local history in Erie County.  With this book, its members have compiled that celebrates the county’s different areas and recounts their fascinating stories of struggle and success.  Whether a local citizen, former resident, or visitor, Erie County will definitely entertain, and it will remind us of the perseverance and strength of small town America.

Contents by Chapter



  1. West Erie County
  2. South Central County
  3. East Erie County
  4. Themes in Erie County History
  5. The Lake, Presque Isle, and Waldameer Park

We wish to acknowledge the following members of Erie Yesterday who spent many hours searching their archives to supply photos and writing captions to be included in the publication: Corry Area Historical Society, Erie County Historical Society, Fairview Historical Society, Firefighters Historical Museum, Fort LeBoeuf Historical Society, GTE Presque Isle Telephone Pioneers Museum,  Harborcreek Historical Society, Hornby School Museum of Erie General Electric History, North east Historical Society, Wattsburg Historical Society, and West County Historical Association.

A special note of appreciation goes to the staff of Erie County Historical Society, especially the archive section for their invaluable help and patience in helping us find photos and research information for the captions.

Other individuals who supplied material are Lucy Fuller of Albion and Ruthanna Walter of the McCord Library of North East.

Paperback  128 pages  ISBN: 0-7524-0917-4

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