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Learning how to stop (or decrease) investment scams online is good.


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Contact:Ref by Brother Alfred V. establishing an Adv Base!
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Workers Wanted for 1btc+ Free Mining 

Great and wonderful Early Jewish-Christian News From a United States Museum Owner (1980's - 1999)

Olympia ... Adult Wonders


"I thank thee ..." ... ...Audio Sound to Medium Please.


BTC is digital currency: Ten Years...

Original bitcoin from $0.10 to $3,333.00000 USD (2017)

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expect many signups to your product page. 


If Possible, stop getting scammed. At least cut scam by up to 95%(+)  

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ACLJ at Supreme Court Today's Deadline:::::::::::::Its evil has been exposed.


This is the moment. Today is our Supreme Court deadline for life.

The abortion industry is reeling. Its evil has been exposed. Big Abortion is murdering babies and selling their body parts for profit.

We've taken on the abortion industry for decades in courts all across America and at the Supreme Court. We've won numerous pro-life victories.

But this is our best opportunity yet. We're taking our biggest pro-life case in decades to the Supreme Court today.

The abortion industry is scared, saying abortion is "in danger" at the Supreme Court right now.

We can defeat Big Abortion. We can stop the shutdown of pro-life pregnancy centers. We can cripple deadly pro-abortion laws. And we can save countless babies.

But we can't defend life without your generous support.

Our critical March Matching Challenge is in its final days, and we're far short of our goal.

Any Tax-Deductible gift for life you make will be doubled, dollar-for-dollar, before today's Supreme Court deadline.

Double Your Impact. $5 becomes $10; $20 becomes $40.

Jay Sekulow
ACLJ Chief Counsel

Contribute Now
Double Your Gift


Lesson: learnng curve >

Current Balance in BTC, bitcoins (See for value in USD)

0.00046616 ... at 4:03 PM EDT (March 23RD, 2017) ___While I am earning 0.00000040 (40 Satoshi per Minute) watch what happens in the next Twenty Five Minutes after pressing The F5 Key.

0.00047568 (Time: 4:28...this is almost 25 Minutes)


0.00047568 - 0.00046616 = 0.00000952  or 952 Satoshi w.i. 25 minutes = 38 to 40 Satoshi per minute + Set & walkaway, and also return at end of The Day! 


Notice: at mybtcnews it takes One Hour to earn:   ___ Earn 1,012 Satoshi every 1 Hour!

You must press Collect to earn the new 1012 Satoshi amount.

Math:  1,0132 Satoshi / 60 minutes  =16.8666666667 Satoshi per minute

On Thu, Mar 23, 2017 at 3:55 PM, Alfred V <..............@  gmail> wrote:


I have already gone from

0.00000040 BTC Currency



0.00045000 BTC


This unusual Free Member Growth has occurred w. i. Two_Days (approximately 48 hours after joining HERE


***You may not have the same experience in you have not an Advertisement Base set-up in advance.


I suggest Massive Banner




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Recall:   at ...1 BTC to USD is now above 1000 USD for March 2017





[FULL_NAME], Start Mining Digital Currency





Cordially with God's Family Blessings,
Brother Alfred V.

For additional information on Stopping (decreasing the chance of being scammed, I suggest:

Stop getting scammed. At least cut scam by 95%(+) *Advertisement Pays Long-Term Residual Income! 



   Earning 16 Satoshi/Minute also require a press of the Collect Button each Sixty Minutes.

40 Satoshi Earn-Avg. is on auto pilot until CPU is physically turned off.

RE: Compare

Earning 16 Satoshi/Minute vs 40 Satoshi/Minute 

0.00050086 BTC by 5:27 PM EDT ...on March 23RD, 2017

0.00096844 March 24TH

Registration Date: March 22ND

Fresno, CA


In Full Support of Brother Jay Sekulow's

12:00 Noon Monday - Friday   ACLJ - Radio Alive (+App)


btc (+) is in 2017 (+ news).


Advertise at *BTC/PTC Text Adv Webpage!

1000 International National views ( < 3$/BTC)

1000 United States Only Ads ( < 5$/BTC)

A Brother in The Lord Christ Jesus (Adonai Yeshua Messiah) ...A. V.



Workers Wanted!  Free Bit - Mining.


192 Days Online __March 28Th

Place it and let it run all Day!


How much is 1 BTC ...go to

(BTC Digital surpasses 1000.00 USD in 2017)

Upgrade BitMiner to Premium (V1.1)



Scranton, PA

Know the Alexa Rank (dis-close a possible scammer).


Transfer BTC, bitcoins to Paypal.


Transfer Paypal to your Local Bank Checking/Savings Account.


Cordially with God's Family Blessings,
Brother Alfred V.

Leave Debt- Alone! _______________Sow Gospel Seed and eat of it's Blessings!



   Thanks Admin; $100 Bonus Received in Perfect Money, but Exchanged (ONSIGHT) to BTC, bitcoins, and further; Acct Balance Re-investmnet > 106% Plan (Time: 1 Day)

URL is Green for Cash




May this bless your Seed Sowing Journey >>>

Your Brother in Christ, The Lord Jesus of Nazareth
Vining, A.







It is a relief to know the Alexa Trust Rank!


The War of Good vs Evil.


Manhattan Business Opportunity



Clix-Grid to $1.00

Just click anywhere on the picture and win up to $1.00 that goes directly into your account balance! 


*........Ps 85: 11

Humboldt County Business



Miami Biz




Your Upline's Oct 29TH Dashboard:  ...Alfred V.



Dashboard USR18385

  1. Onehash
  3.  dashboard



view more



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view more



view in BTC/USD   _____    Aproximately $39 USD (Oct 29TH, 2017)

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