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New York City: Manhattan

Looking for a job...but you really want freedom?


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Ad number:#625794007
Contact:Rebecca Fine


We are looking to align with professionals who are ready to break out of the 9-5 and get serious about making a difference in their OWN lives and the lives and businesses of others - teams and individuals alike.

Are you ready to invest in yourself, your life and your career to create a sustainable, in-demand practice, that empowers others to success, with a schedule that you control?

Are you ready to be trained and supported to develop a solid stream of clients and have access to content so you follow a system that is proven to work?

Our system works because both YOU and YOUR clients succeed. Both you and your clients proactively move forward with a change in thinking, action and results. We take an empowerment approach to optimising individuals, teams AND the coaches that train them. You evolve, your clients evolve, your life evolves.


What are the details?

As a YB12 Coach and Trainer, you’ll have access to:

● A tested path to a part or full-time coaching, speaking and training career.

● Our robust psychology-based programs along with tools to help you coach and train effectively as you elevate your own mindset and ultimately your life

● Interactive, ongoing skills and business development training to help you stay sharp and differentiate yourself

● A powerful, dynamic and proven marketing system to help you build a solid client base and put you into cashflow quickly

● ICF Accredited Training is available should you wish to further credentialise your practice

● Various frameworks you can use to deliver workshops, seminars, 1-to-1 sessions, group and team coaching, business facilitation

● Mentorship with a successful practitioner in the field

● Credible content that has seen the success of thousands individuals and companies globally

● A highly systemised approach to a steady stream of paying clients

● Personal development like no other for yourself and your clients


What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. As an authorised YB12 Coach, you’ll have access to coaching and training resources: forever.


● YB12 is NOT a multi-level marketing venture. Our coaches and trainers participate in our program to grow their own independent consultancies. There are no quotas and no requirements to recruit other coaches.

● We are NOT a franchise. No upper-level management dictates how or where you run your business. There is maximum flexibility and we trust YB12ers to incorporate the frameworks in a way that makes sense for their business model and their clients.


Coaches and trainers also treasure the opportunity our platform provides to link arms with like-minded professionals also building sustainable consultancies with various service offerings.


Who are YB12 Coaches and Trainers?

Successful YB12 coaches, trainers and speakers include but are not limited to:


Corporate Executives



Executive Coaches



Human Resource professionals

Military Personnel

Health Coaches

Life Coaches

and other Professionals with a passion for Personal & Team Development.


This is NOT a job - it's a self-employed, LIFESTYLE business opportunity where you have the flexibility on your own terms. If it is a job you are seeking, please do not apply. This will not be the opportunity for you at this time.


Look at our website at to learn more about this exciting self-employed BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. (There is an investment required).


This seems like a great match! Where to from here?

We know from ICF (International Coach Federation) that the market is growing, for all sorts of coaches, trainers and facilitators. The question is, how much of this do you want?


Find out how to join my team and become a YB12 Authorised Coach and Trainer. Learn how to become an even more effective, focused, skilled and trusted asset for your clients and a member of a community that boosts you up and fuels creativity and business growth.


If you want to be one of the limited number of YB12 Coaches/Trainers in your area, apply today or get in touch with me personally via: (360-499-6677)

Rebecca Fine

National Director - Life In Balance Careers, USA

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