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I live in a spacious house in the Verrado Community. For those of you not familiar with this area? Yes, it is way West, but it's the "Scottsdale of the West Valley." I worked for a legally blind woman for over a dozen years and I cared for my Mother the last few years of her life.  And again, the same for my Father, whom I lived and cared for until he recently passed away. Like my parents, I know there are many people who do not need or want to go to an assisted living facility, nor succumb to their high price tag. So along that line of thinking, I am opening up my home to ONE person for $2500/month, who need a little help and/or just want someone to keep a watchful eye on their loved one. Now this may sound like I'm contradicting myself, but though I am offering my caregiver skills? I am wanting someone who is somewhat independent and can pretty much take care of themselves. Don't get me wrong, I am a compassionate woman and you will get my assistance with TLC. However, I am a mature lady and want my independence and space/privacy as well. I live a happy and peaceful life and WILL NOT ACCEPT DRAMA INTO MY WORLD. I will respect you, and I expect the same. My dad had mild dementia. If this is your situation? I will make certain you get your daily meds, hydration etc. I admit I am a bit OCD (and that was before the pandemic) so the house is kept clean and tidy. And yes, I will take care of your space too. And on that note, I will tend to your laundry...and do it correctly! (smile) You have one side of the house to yourself. This consists of 2 bedrooms. One can be used as your den/tv room or an office. You have your own private bathroom with 2 sinks and a shower/tub combination. Both the toilet and the shower are equipped with grab bars. The kitchen is large and gorgeous, and has a breakfast bar as well. I am not a young gal who is constantly on the go and/or out on the town every weekend, so I will do most of the cooking. There are many amenities included with our HOA. A nice 'Center on Main Street', 2 miles away with 2 pools, a large gym and an additional workout room with yoga classes etc. Also 2 miles away are mountain trails if that is part of your regimen, or just enjoy the beautiful view. If this is something of interest for yourself or a loved one, there will be many questions from both parties. So please, don't hesitate to call so I can answer those questions. BTW, I would consider 2 people, if it's a couple for an additional fee. This would be perfect for someone who needs help taking care of their partner. Don't we know how demanding it is!! Please call 602~367~9977. Thank you.

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