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Ad number:#553438435
Contact:mahtab Massoudi
City:San Diego, CA
Price:Starting at $280


My name is Mahtab. I am living in Rancho Penasquitos. Moonlight Daycare Inc. is licensed by the State of California. Here is some information about myself. I got my Child Development Teacher and Master Teacher certificates, from Miramar College. I got a Teacher Permit from San Diego County Office of Education, 2015. I have 5 years of experience as a family home daycare caregiver. I worked more than five years in the Child Development Center in Miramar College, and I have more than 10 years' experience teaching preschoolers. I also have CPR and First Aid certifications. I check both my phone and email so please feel free to contact me, if you have any questions. I really love working with children. I use simple ways for your kid to handle transitions from the daycare to school. I have worked with many special needs children become more involved in the community. I have some strategies for guiding children's behavior in my daycare settings based on their ages. For example, encourage children to set good examples for each other, show respect for them, keep rules simple and easy to understand, discuss rules with children, consider kids' suggestions for rules, and repeat the rules often. A few rules that work well with children include: Help each other. Be kind to each other. Take your turn. Take care of our toys. Say please and thank you. I like to find ways to make the environment safe, fun, educational and supportive for your children. When a child is having a good time, they are more open and receptive to new experiences. I provide healthy meals each day for breakfast, lunch, and nutritious snacks and drinks. My daycare is clean, and organized with new, safe inside and outside flooring, smoke-free, and pet-free with new different kinds of toys, puzzles, books that children like to play or read. I have a large and safe backyard with fun play equipment. Children also have great time with educational and fun kids' music with dancing and singing.
My house is located in a safe place very close to Police and Fire Department Stations, and is very close to highway 56 and 15 maybe less than one minute. I accept children with the CDA, Child Care Awareness.

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