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Ron WARD Chevrolet in Herrin, IL

They sold me a truck which I did not even want and a bag of worms which could result in Bankruptcy & Ruin my excellent Credit Score.

I received via expensive overnight delivery a brochure and I knew the gimmick would show that I had the "Winning"number which it did.

However I was so desperate for the $2,000 "Prize" to fly my fiancee to America after trying for 4.75 YEARS & to fix my car that I went JUST TO CHECK IT OUT WITH NO INTENT TO BUY ANYTHING.

I am not stupid but was caught off guard by the temporary hired salesman's confidence (man's) & smile.  It had worked 48 hours straight just before driving to Ron WARD.

The salesman, John Orlando Dodge said to keep the deal between us and not say anything to anyone else.  First he showed me a nice Impala LTZ with $100 payments, then after disappearing supposedly to talk to somebody he returned to tell me it was a mistake and the payments were $400.  I had told him by that time that my income was only $623 & food stamps and that I could not even pay $100 per month until my fiancee arrived with her H1B work visa.

To make a long story short he ended up selling me a truck which I could barely climb into at age 69 with $702 payments.  The only thing I can figure is that he lied about my income which I disclosed 4 times in order to get the $39,343 loan from GM Finance.  He told me to just let them take it when the bill came due and after the grace period.  I did not know that I would owe the difference between what GM Finance got at auction & the $39,343 loan so I voluntarily let them repossess the truck.

If I wanted another loan I could have gone to my bank and used my car as collateral, but now because of the huge outstanding debt from the truck deal I cannot use my car even for $1,000 to pay a Bankruptcy Attorney in advance.

I have this case with the Attorney General, Lisa Madigan's office for arbitration and the problem is that I DID SIGN the contract.  The so called "winning" brochure disappeared, but I was confused as to where the $2,000 check came from (cashback or an advertising write-off)  I had one offer when I still had the truck from a dealer I trust for $27,000 (a $12,000 loss in just a few weeks and I only drove the truck maybe 200 feet to change parking spaces)

Now it may NOT be Ron Ward Chevy's fault but avoid John Orlando Dodge the salesman wherever you may find him working. 

However there were only a few reviews of Ron Ward KIA, all very negative, so I assume Ron Ward Chrysler would be Dangerous too.

Now here is an example of what keeps me working 7 days / nights per week and the HEAVY ISSUES I deal with.  If you leave off the end of the URL you will go to my WHOLE BLOG read Worldwide but usually by a few hundred VIP I think.  I know that I have about 7,500 VIP contacts and / or followers and press, radio & television are aware along with at least a million+ people Worldwide.  THIS PARTICULAR POST WENT VIRAL... 

Even working part-time at minimum wage my woman's second income would make it easy to pay for the car we want but with RUINED CREDIT how can we get a loan?  She will not have enough time on the job to get it in her name.  Further her uncle promised enough for a nice home and bond investments for retirement income.  It would be financially sensible to pay the lower bank interest & keep our money in the higher interest bonds.  However I may not be able to even get a zero-down VA loan

Go to the DEVIL Ron Ward

Thank you People & God Bless, Pray Hard for me.

OH!  Selling a car with payments $77 over income violates Federal Law

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