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Deception in garden of Eden!


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Please study the verses quoted, and those verses around them, in the KJV Bible. Many will disagree with these comments, and that's fine. Study your bibles completely anyway. That is so important.


Genesis 3:1-7;

Christ and Satan are represented by trees. [The Tree of Life] and [the tree of the knowledge of good and evil]. See trees below.

To partake of the forbidden fruit, is to allow him to beguile you, as he did Eve. It means to allow Satan to deceive you. Satan will deceive a lot more than just Eve real soon. See Revelation 12:9.

Only fig leaves are referred to here! You can't deny that!

Where did apple come from, a movie? What do you believe? Your choice!

What part of their body did they cover? An apron/loin cloth covers what? When you realize what these items of clothing cover, that gets you pointed in the right direction concerning what really happened.

Use some common sense, do serpents speak? Did Eve converse with a serpent?

Again, use some common sense, does eating any kind of fruit make you ashamed of your nakedness?


What really happened with Adam and Eve, and the serpent? Regardless, it caused Eve to have 2 babies, see Genesis 4:2 below. One of the babies was by Adam, and the other by Satan. This is brought out in other scriptures; see below. If you choose not to believe that, and it's up to you, it makes the entire Bible look like a book of fairy tales. Ask yourself, why would someone want you to believe something else regarding Eve?

See Genesis 3:15, 20 [see Luke 3:23-38 below]! Basically, this is what the entire bible is all about.

Check out the definitions of the following words in Dr. Strong's Exhaustive Concordance.

Genesis 3:13; The word serpent = hiss, whisper, a magic spell, enchanter; Hebrew words 5172 and 5175.

Genesis 3:13; The word beguiled = lead astray, delude, seduce, deceive; Hebrew word 5377.

Ezekiel 28:12-15; king of tyrus = Satan. Satan was in the Garden of Eden.

Luke 3:23-38; Eve is called the mother of all living because Jesus Christ would come through her and Adam by their son, Seth, umbilical cord to umbilical cord. See Genesis 3:20. She was not the first and only female on earth. See Genesis 1:27 [6th day, also see Genesis 2:5, 7 {no Adam/Eve yet} and 2 Peter 3:8].

2 Corinthians 11:3; Eve was beguiled by an angel of light [fake one]. Beguiled = to seduce wholly, deceive; Greek word 1818.

2 Corinthians 11:14; Satan is transformed into angel of light. Transformed = transfigure, disguise, or masquerade. Greek word 3345. [second witness]. [third witness].

1 Timothy 2:13-15; Hmm???

Revelation 12:9 This verse tells us who the serpent is.


Genesis 3:15; first prophecy in the Bible; "And I [God] will put enmity between thee [Satan] and the woman[Eve], and between thy seed [the Kenites] and her seed [Jesus Christ]; It {Jesus Christ} shall bruise thy [Satan's] head, and thou [Satan through the Kenites] shalt bruise His {Christ's} heel." See Habakkuk 3:13 also. The word offspring is used in the hebrew manuscripts. Now why would the word offspring be used? Hmm??? Does Satan have seed? Jesus tells us in John 8:44 the same thing. See also Parable of the sower in Matthew 13:18-23, Matthew 13:37-42; Jesus speaking in both sets of verses, do you believe Jesus? Hmm???

Enmity = hatred, Hebrew word 342

Seed = offspring/progeny, Hebrew word 2233.


She again bare his brother Abel:

Genesis 4:2; Research the word again, in a Strong's Concordance. It means continued. Hebrew word 3254. If you continue in labor after giving birth to one child, it means you are going to give birth to at least one more. The word children is plural, meaning more than one.


The name "Eve" means life-giving in the Hebrew tongue. Who gives life? There is only one. Jesus.


Adam was the son of who? Adams seed line through Seth, can be traced all the way to Jesus. Luke 3:23-38;


Trees used symbolically in scripture to represent God, Satan, and to represent humans. Judges 9:8, 10, 15; Psalm 92:12-13; Isaiah 41:19, 55:12-13, 61:1-3, 65:16-23; Jeremiah 17:7-10; Ezekiel 27:6, 31:1-14; Daniel 4:18-28; Hosea 14:8; Please see Strong's Exhaustive Concordance word #'s [Hebrew 6086, 6095, and 6096].


Tree of Life:

Jesus Christ; Genesis 2:9, 3:22; Proverbs 3:18, 11:30; Revelation 2:7; 22:2, 14;

Tree of the knowledge of good and evil [Satan masquerades as cedar in Lebanon also, antichrist]:

devil; Satan; serpent, etc. Genesis 2:9, 17; Ezekiel 28:13-19, 31:3, 8-10, 16-18; Rev. 20:2;

If you do not know what really happened in the first few chapters of Genesis and especially in the garden of Eden you will never truly understand the rest of God's Word. Also, that is why Jesus Christ said that if you do not understand the Parable of the Sower you will not understand any of His other parables.

Make up your own mind, but continue to study the whole bible anyway. Pray for understanding. Seek Him.

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