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Contact:Bread of Life Mission
City:Punta Gorda, FL
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When she came out of her mother's womb they called her, “A girl”. Not long after that they called her “Judy”. Then almost overnight they called her “Nigger”. This name went on until Dr. Martin Luther King came along and the Civil Rights Movement. After Dr. King and the Civil Right Movement, they called her, “Black”. Today we call her Afro-American.

Today the homeless, the mentally and physically affected, the hungry, the spiritually lost and those that appreciate and love her call her, “Miss Judy”, and I feel GOD calls her “A Blessing”, “His Child”, “His Servant”!

All these names relate to the same person: The Black Afro-American Nigger Girl names Judy.

I call her, “My very dear and cherished friend”.

Judy cares so much for those that can not help themselves. She has dedicated her life to helping those that are in need of food, shelter, physical protection ans spiritual guidance. She's constantly works to raise money to put food in the mouths of the field worker and their children. She works to gather used furniture and clothing so those in need will have not only furniture in their homes and clothes on their backs, but also self-esteem and self respect. She fights with the County Zoning Department everyday to keep her home for the needy open and to pay the mortgage.

All year long she works to gather food and monetary donations so she can make sure all those that are without and lonely will have a joyous and memorable Thanksgiving and Christmas..

Every Sunday morning she arranges to have Sunday Morning Church Service at her shelter. It might not be the same type of Sunday morning church service most of the residents of our area will be experiencing, but without a doubt you surely know GOD is present. Services will not be held in a big fancy air conditioning building. There will not be a choir all decked out in fancy Sunday morning church clothes. There will not even be an organ. All you will see at Judy's Sunday morning church service will be an outside area with dirt floor and a preacher with his bible standing in front of a group of people sitting on metal folding chair with their bibles in hand.

The service begins with the beauty of good ol Southern Gospel Music sang by a congregation thankful for the care and love they have found within Judy's loving and caring heart. There is no fancy clothes to be seen. No projection flashing songs and bible verses on the wall behind the preacher and the collection plate seldom is passed. But the presence of GOD is all around.

Miss Judy witness for GOD by sharing GOD'S love for HIS people through her determination to make sure that everybody that needs receives. Everybody that is hungry is fed. Everybody that is lonely finds friendships. Everybody in need of clothing is clothed and everybody that is spritually lost is found!

I assure you, when Judy gets to heaven there is going to be so many people standing in line to welcome her into heaven and to thank her for what she did for them on earth and to say to her, “ Miss Judy, I am here in heaven today because you cared enough for me to cloth me and feed both physically and spiritually while I was on earth”. What greater reward could a girl named “Judy” call “Nigger” “Black” and “Afro-American” by those on earth and “Miss Judy” by those in need, and I really feel by GOD, “A Blessing”, “His Child” and “His Servant”, than to have such a welcoming reception at Heaven's door. We should all be so blessed!

If you would like to help the Bread of Life Missions all monetary donations can be sent to P.O Box 511352 Punta Gorda Florida 33950.

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