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Contact:pastor adam


hello friends. my name is  paster adam wittchow and i amn ordained through the unaversal life church and i live in jacksonvill fla and i am looking forn the help of the finen people of  jax as yo8u know here in jax we have alot of really horiffic things going on. in are city people being killed daily  shot down in the street the  drug addiction is verry bad than we have little kids  that are walking then streets lookingn for siomething to eat. i have ben told. that most kids in the inner city getb some type of free lunch and  in some schools even free breakfast and that great but they have told me that . it the only 2 meals aday that a child will get to eat. so when the week ends comes. most gos with out. and now that school is out forn tyhe summer. alot of ourn kids go with out food not even a cookie i know there is alot of food banks in jax but alot of them are based on . income and alot of times there is kids in certin areas. that can get to a food shelter. i have started a go fund me page called feed the little children of jacksonville and i am asking for your help i am looking for any kind of help . from you to help us feerd are kids i am looking for donations of  food lunch meats juices water chips what ever you can help us with. to make sure  no kid gos with at something to eat.i am looking for  people that can help provive thses meals in certin areas. al will take clotheing shoes coats back packs. i can tell you i have reached out to walmarts sams club and many other stores for there help. this is a verry strong and well needed in jacksonvill. pleaase im asking you in gods name. can  you feel with your heart and help us feed a child here in  jacksonville . god saids no good dead will go unturend and. at times it takes a village to feed ourm kids. so pleas pleaase if youn can help me  i would love to heare from you  my number is 904 612 6540 or email me  at pastor thank you and may god bless you 

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