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Cains father?


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Who do you think Cains father is? Make up your own mind after studying the following verses in a KJV Bible.

Genesis 3:15 [God is telling us, Satan had seed [offspring, children]; also, research what the fallen angels were doing later in Genesis chapter 6, the reason for Noah's flood.];

Matthew 13:18-23, 13:37-42 [Jesus speaking in both sets of verses; do you believe Him?]; [second witness]

John 8:38, 41-44; [do you believe Jesus?]

[This is so important; notice how the word father is spelled in each verse: see another example in the Bible where a lower case f and upper case f are used, which is in Matthew 23:9. The different cases are used to bring your attention to who is being talked about.]

{Father upper case F = God, Matthew 23:9}

{father lower case f = earthly father [parent], Matthew 23:9. This is not saying your earthly father is of Satan.}

{Father with upper case F = God, John 8:42}

{father with lower case f = Satan, John 8:44, they are the offspring of Satan};

1 John 3:10, 12; [The wicked one is his father? Why did Cain slay Abel]? Read for yourself!

Revelation 2:9 and 3:9. Why would Jesus want you to know who the ones claiming to be Jews are, but lie? See John 8:44; You'll have to dig a little deeper to see more clearly the connection between Cain, Satan, and the Jews who lie [kenites].


Genesis 3:16; Sorrow = Her progeny would grow up to be enemies, even do murder [Cain]. Cain and Abel come of age together, documented by them reaching the age to sacrifice at the same time. Cains sacrifice was not fit, Abel's was. Cain then murdered Abel, Genesis 4:8. Genesis 3:15 lets us know that a seed war is raging; between the good seed and the bad seed. Check out the word seed in this verse in a Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance; it means progeny.


She again bare his brother Abel:

Genesis 4:2; Research the word again as used in this verse, using a Strong's Exhaustive Concordance. It means continued. Hebrew word 3254. If you continue in labor after giving birth to one child, it means you are going to give birth to at least one more child. The word children is plural, meaning more than one.


First liar [Cain]. From whom did he learn to lie? Who is the father of lying?

Genesis 4:9; John 8:44;


Why is Cain not in Christ's or Adam's genealogy? Adam is in Christ's genealogy. Hmm??? Do you believe God made a mistake? Believe what ever you want to. Luke 3 (Christ's lineage) Genesis 4 (Cain's lineage) Genesis 5 (Adam's lineage); First one in Adams genealogy is Seth. The genealogies of Christ and Adam are two witnesses for John 8:44 and other verses.


Please e-mail me with your explanations of who Cain's father is, based on applicable verses of course. Please use the [KJV] bible only. This might be a really informative Bible study. Print it out and use it as a guide in your studies of the KJV Bible. Study daily anyway, you'll be truly amazed at what you can learn. Thank you.



Bible study sites and one TV channel:


Dish Network channel 256 = Shepherds Chapel (Live streaming free on You-Tube and Roku also), highly recommended). Try the videos of Mr. Ravi Zacharias and Mr. John Lennox on You-Tube also. [This article gives us tips on how to and how not to study the Bible] [all of the old and new testament with study notes] (Bible study with explanation notes) [Plan of God, a little lengthy, but very informative]


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