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Manifestation does work


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Unlock Almost 100% Mental Magnetic Power...And Turn My Thoughts Into Reality, Almost Overnight!

I just had to find out how anybody can unlock almost 100% of their mental magnetic power...without suffering severe brain damage.

And upon burning the midnight candle, I finally found what I was looking for.

I discovered a doctor by the name of Darold Treffert.

Dr. Treffert has spent his entire lifetime studying rare cases where brain injury survivors suddenly gain magical gifts.

In fact, his work has appeared on countless publications such as Time, People, Newsweek, USA Today, and Scientific American.1

And it’s all because Dr. Treffert discovered that...

People like myself, Jon and Jason could awaken our latent gifts and attract success because the right side of our brain was more active than most.

And because it was more active than most, we increased our brain power.

And most importantly:

We increased our mental magnetic power! Here’s why.

Because as you may already know…

And as confirmed by Harvard Health Publishing:


The right side of your brain is associated with your intuition, creativity and free thinking.

So the more active the right side of your brain is, the more spiritually in tune you’ll be with yourself and the Universe.

And you probably guessed that the more spiritually in tune you’re, the stronger your mental magnetic power gets.

And the stronger it gets, the easier it becomes to turn your thoughts of living an abundant life into a reality.

In fact…

You can tell this is exactly how Jason, Derek and myself began to attract abundance into our lives, can you not?

Now chances are, you’re very much intuitive, creative and a freethinker.

But because we only use 10% of our brain, there’s still so much left of YOU to discover.

So here’s the bottom line...

If you’re unable to manifest your thoughts of a dream car… a perfect house… a loving partner into reality....

Then you probably have yet to unlock the full power of the right side of your brain.

How then can you unlock this part of your brain to supercharge your mental magnetic power…

So you can begin attracting your heart’s desires?

That’s when the Universe guided me towards Dr. Allen Sydner of the Centre for the Mind.

Dr. Sydner also spent his entire lifetime studying rare cases where brain injury survivors suddenly gain magical gifts.

And what I uncovered was a breakthrough study he conducted.

In his research, he hooked one participant to a device he called…

The creativity-amplifying machine.

The machine produced low frequency magnetic pulses that stimulated your brain to unlock the hidden genius within your mind.

But would it work?

You bet it did!

According to his research, within just 10 minutes of listening to the frequency, the participant displayed genius-like mental abilities.

Just like Jason, Derek and myself

The only difference here is…

He didn’t have to go through a traumatic injury.

Best of all…

He tapped into his artistic side and began drawing a cat with as much detail as an experienced painter.
He was more creative than ever.

There’s no doubt the right side of his brain was more active than ever.

And as you know by now, this meant he was also unleashing his mental magnetic power.

I just couldn’t believe it…

There was a frequency instrument that allowed anybody to unlock almost 100% of their mental magnetic power…

Allowing them to not only awaken their dormant gifts but also turn their mind’s thoughts into reality.

I just had to get my hands on this machine!

But there was just one problem:

Only scientists had access to such cutting-edge technology.

I tried everything possible to get my hands on it, but I always felt short.

But I never gave up because I knew the Universe was on my side.

“I just have to find a way”

I said to myself as I was walking down the street.

That’s when, by some twist of fate...

The Same Butterfly I Saw During My Dreams Flew Past My Nose 

I had to follow it!

It led me to a mystical shop hidden behind a building.

I felt a powerful pull to it and as soon as I entered…

I saw what I was looking right there in my face.

It was an ancient-looking mp3 audio recorder.

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