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Why do some choose not to read and study the whole Bible? What does 2 Timothy 3:16 say? All scripture is inspired by God. If all scripture is inspired by God, why do some reject all or part of the scripture? How do you read a novel? Most read a novel cover to cover. Why do most only read the Bible partially? Wouldn't it be wise to read it completely and try to understand it?


Paul also writes in 1 Corinthians 10:1-12 that the events of the past are examples (ensamples) to us today. The old testament is provided for us as an example. If you omit any part of the Bible you will miss out on the intended examples, facts, lessons, etc., you will not get the whole picture; you risk falling short of knowing what is expected of you. When anyone tells you the Old Testament is done away with, maybe ask that person why they said that? Do you listen to those that omit part of the Bible? See Romans 15:4 and 16:26 also.


Do you think God has wasted His time inspiring the writers of the old testament? Do you believe some parts of the Bible are not pertinent any longer? Can a human know more than God? If you forsake any or all of God's word, what happens to you? See Hosea 4:6.


Read Zechariah 8:9. God laid His foundation on the words of the prophets, which are in the Old Testament. The words of the prophets are the foundation on which the temple will be built. The many membered body of Christ is what makes up His temple [Romans 12:4-5; 1 Corinthians 6:15]. God is telling all of us, He inspired the prophets, and those words are very important to those that make up that temple, the many membered body of Christ. Do you claim to be part of that temple? Jesus tells us to read and study His word, old and new testaments. See John 5:46-47, if you choose not to believe Moses and the other prophets, how can you believe the words of Jesus? Also, see Acts 10:43, all the Prophets gave witness of Jesus Christ [whomsoever believes in Him, their sins are forgiven]. Where do you find these Prophets? The old testament.


Many times, Jesus asked, “Have ye not read”? Matthew 12:3, 5, 19:4, 21:16, 42, 22:31-32; By choosing not to study His Word, you are forsaking God. Not a good choice my friend. Have ye not read, occurs 7 times in scripture. Jesus thinks reading His word is very, very important! What do you think? Have ye never read, occurs 2 times. Did ye never read, occurs 1 time only. The new testament was not even written yet in Jesus' day. Only the old testament existed at that time. Jesus is asking us, have you read it, the old testament? What excuse would you give Him for not reading it all when He asks you, “Have ye not read”? There is no excuse for those that are able. The phrase “it is written” occurs about 80+ times. If it is written, it is meant to be read and studied in whole.


Jeremiah 8:9 [many choose to reject His word].

Hosea 4:6 [if you reject His word, He rejects you].

Matthew 22:29 [What causes you to err? Not knowing the scriptures and the power of God].

2 Timothy 4:3-4 [Most would rather believe a lie such as, you don't have to read the whole Bible]. 1 Peter 2:6-8 [Do you stumble when you hear all of the true word of God]?

1 Peter 3:15 [How could you comply with this verse if you only read the Bible partially]?


Learn more about the scriptures. Don't let yourself err. Study the whole Bible.





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