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Void of wisdom!


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Contact:Harvey Vitito
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Why are you here? How did you get here? Where did you come from? What happens to you when you die?

Volumes and volumes of books have been written in an attempt to answer these questions by philosophers, theologians, scientists, and theorists who suppose they are philosophers, theologians, or scientists. Of course no matter how brilliant man thinks he is, these are all questions that cannot be answered using the scientific method, because the answers lie beyond the veil which separates the flesh dimension from the spiritual dimension. And flesh man, without the help of God, cannot step into that spiritual dimension and retrieve the answers. So just as man will never be able to place "love" or an "attitude" under a microscope and see either one, he cannot answer the spiritual questions above by any physical means available to him "under the sun", apart from God, though he keeps on trying.

That means if one is inclined to mentally and spiritually stay on this side of the veil and deny even the possibility of a creator who lies beyond the boundary of the physical realm, then he or she will never reach an understanding of any of the opening four questions.

Furthermore, those predisposed to that position will remain void of wisdom and common sense and go through life either admitting they are agnostics, meaning they are "ag - knowledge", i.e. "know nothings", or they will be so ignorant as to believe without any credible evidence that they are the end result of organic slime which after billions and billions of years spontaneously and miraculously aligned enough atoms at the same time in order to form enough molecules at the same time in order to form enough amino acids at the same time in order to form enough proteins at the same time in order to form a single cell of life. This astronomically improbable event must then occur enough times for one of the cells to survive and figure out how to reproduce itself and repeat that process until it can figure out what it would like to evolve into. From this point on the story becomes ridiculous.

You see, if evolution were true, then it would be an ongoing process, right? Therefore we should be able to see creatures and animals between stages of development. So where is there an almost man alive today? Where is there a fish whose fins are almost legs, or legs that are almost wings? Show me an almost Rose!


Where is there an almost anything? There is none! And there never was, i.e. there are no intermediary creatures to be found in the fossil records either. It is pretty difficult to claim you have a chain when ALL the links are missing.


Food for thought:


Many propose evolution is “the” answer to the origin of what we see. Is it? Definitely something to think about. If evolution were true it would still be happening and observable today!


Even if you were the top expert on earth concerning evolution, what could you do with that knowledge and expertise?


Can science actually prove the origin of everything?


Are there any other explanations for the origins of all that exists today and why it exists?


Please try the below web pages. Some are lengthy, but worth the time it takes to read them.


Science can discover and prove many things, but it has a really hard time proving and explaining the origin of so much. Some scientists cross that line, trying to explain the origin of something. Many don't. I believe the theory of evolution crosses that line.


Humans have limits and science is an invention of humans, right?


Science is concerned with the natural realm, right?


Is science concerned with the super-natural realm?


Does a super-natural realm exist? Can we humans see all that exists?


Plenty to think about for sure. You have to make up your own mind. Evolution or creation? Is there a third choice?


More food for thought: Human DNA is a language; language comes from a mind; it doesn’t come from an organic slime as many say they believe.

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