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Jigsaw puzzle?


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Contact:Carna Davis
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The Bible is similar to a jigsaw puzzle! Please be patient with me!


A jigsaw puzzle can be difficult to complete sometimes. Let me suggest a few reasons why. You could be missing some pieces, you don't allow yourself enough time to complete it and you don't have a picture to help you. If you are missing some pieces, it would be impossible to complete. There would be gaps or blank spots in the picture you should have; it would be fragmented. If you don't allow enough time for completion, you will never get it done. If you don't have a picture of the puzzle, it becomes much more difficult to complete, correctly.


Please use the above analogies when dealing with the Bible! The King James Version has 31,102 verses in it. That would be the equivalent of a very large jigsaw puzzle. The only way to complete the Bible [get the whole picture], is to have all the pieces. Most only have a few pieces, which are given to them once a week; fragmented studies at best. Who chooses those verses each week? Thus, the Bible is impossible to understand with only a partial picture of small fragments. The only way you can understand what the Bible is about, is to have all the pieces [the complete picture, beginning to end]. You have to get those pieces by reading and studying the whole Bible, yourself. You have to give yourself enough time in which to accomplish that reading and studying. The more you read and study, the better you see the picture. There is no other way to get that picture. You have to do it yourself! Keep studying. Try to get the whole picture.


This whole analogy hinges on this one question, which can be worded in more than one way. Do you want to complete the bible or not? Totally up to you. Do you want the whole picture or just a partial picture? To get the whole picture, you have to study for yourself. Keep studying, all of it, my friends!


[These websites may help you in your study of the Bible.]


Please reply if you feel inclined.


Let's suppose you are putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Do you come to a conclusion about what the finished picture will look like without looking at the original picture? Certainly not! It's the same with God's Word. God invites us to study all the texts on a given subject before coming to a conclusion regarding what the Bible teaches on a particular topic.


For more KJV Bible study guides please look on this website and in this category in different cities around the U.S.A. and Canada

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