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Contact:Jerry Hunter
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By themselves, one at a time, alone, Bible verses can be somewhat difficult to understand even for those with excellent reading and comprehension skills. An example would be the verse that contains these words, “mother of all living”. But, when connected to other verses located elsewhere in the Bible, a more complete picture of understanding comes into view, in my opinion. I like to call that process, “connecting the dots”. The best way to do that is through diligent study of the Bible; cover to cover, book by book, chapter by chapter and verse by verse. God tells us in many ways to seek Him, seek and ye shall find, seek the truth, etc. The best way to seek and find Him and His truth is in His word. You will find Him there; it's up to you to take the time to study and truly seek Him. Most don't realize we are commanded to study His word; see 2 Timothy 2:15 in a KJV Bible.


All of these questions, plus many more, can be answered using multiple verses located in both old and new testaments:


*Who is Jesus?

*Who or what is the “Word of life” or the “Water of life”?

*What does “God of the living mean”?

*What does “mother of all living” actually mean?

*Who or what is the “Tree of Life”?

*Who or what is the “Tree of the knowledge of good and evil”?

*What happens when we die?


I could go on and on. Just pick a topic, any topic; most any biblical topic will fall into this assumption of mine. When a person makes an assumption based on one verse, there is no way they can see a more complete and in depth picture based on that one verse only. To me it would be like picking up a single jigsaw puzzle piece and trying to determine what the completed puzzle looks like; virtually impossible. I have seen it everywhere I look; I see it on the Internet especially and I see it on television, daily, as well. I do my best to inform others that diligent Bible study, prayer and contemplation will go a long way in alleviating this situation. If a person has a hard time reading and comprehending what they read, seek help for that situation; it's out there.


Regardless, I share what I believe and why I believe it using verses from the KJV Bible and some definitions from Dr. Strong's Exhaustive Concordance; these are some of the only study tools I have at present. After I have studied and learned a truth, I then do my best to share that truth with others and move on. I want others to experience God as I have, through His word.


Study your Bibles completely; get the whole picture and gain in true wisdom. Seek help if you need it. It doesn't matter how you do it, study in a group or study alone, but, study. Many do not know we are commanded to study, see 2 Timothy 2:15 in a KJV Bible.


Bible study sites and one TV channel:


Dish Network channel 256 = Shepherds Chapel (Live streaming free on You-Tube and Roku also), highly recommended). Try the videos of Mr. Ravi Zacharias and Mr. John Lennox on You-Tube also. [This article gives us tips on how to and how not to study the Bible] [all of the old and new testament with study notes] (Bible study with explanation notes) [Plan of God, a little lengthy, but very informative]

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