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Babes shall rule!


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Contact:Tim Winston
City:Auburn, AL
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Those that rule will have the minds of children! This is very evident (2022+) today around the world. Does that mean we are in the last days? This is definitely one of the many indicators. Woe to us! Many people need to see this and understand it as much as possible. All verses come from a KJV Bible.


Ecclesiastes 10:16 Woe to thee, O land, when thy king is a child, and thy princes eat in the morning!


Isaiah 3:4 And I will give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them.


Isaiah 3:5 And the people shall be oppressed, every one by another, and every one by his neighbour: the child shall behave himself proudly against the ancient, and the base against the honourable.


[People will harass each other, man against man, neighbor against neighbor. Young people with no respect towards their elders, people will despise the honorable. All points to this world today in the 21st century].


Isaiah 3:12 As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.


[I might be seeing this wrong, but I believe these verses describe many of our elected officials this very day (2022)! You can definitely see childish minds at work from top to bottom in our government. Just watch the news/opinion shows any day of the week. Reminds me of the ones recently elected each and every day. Have you ever heard the adage “once a man, twice a child”? In other words, as many people get older they lose their cognitive abilities (memory, speech, hearing, eye sight, etc., etc.). Does this sound or look familiar to you? I truly hope you have eyes to see and ears to hear].


We elected them and we are subject to them! Romans 13:1-7.


Romans 13:1 Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.

[Submit to government authorities, because all authority comes from God, and those in position of authority have been placed there by God. (Titus 3:1, I Peter 2:13-17, do it for the Lord's sake), Obey the laws of our government and you will have freedom of religion, plus many more freedoms. Be a good citizen and bring forth God's Word, not your opinion. The lawmakers are here to protect those who are doing good and can protect you to further God's Word. Are the lawmakers misguided sometimes? More than likely. Am I saying you have to be a doormat and let people walk all over you? No way. A true child of God is not a wimp. Do things according to God's word. It is not a good idea to display violent, physical opposition toward government authorities. Try opposing our government or Police and see what happens].

[A warning follows: be careful what you ask for when voting for a particular candidate; make sure you want what they stand for concerning the issues. The responsibility to check out the candidate thoroughly falls on each individual that can vote; that means you. Voting a certain way based on perceived personality likes or dislikes is not living up to that responsibility; it is very childish and superficial].


A little food for thought:


* Beware of he who would deny you access to information, for in his heart, he dreams himself your master. [Our government past, present and future!]


* The founders of the U.S.A. meant to keep government out of the church, not God out of the government.


* It is God’s opinion that matters most!

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