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Big Beautiful Christian Women Group


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The Big Beautiful Christian Women Group free membership.join Now!

. The Big Beautiful Christian Women's Group (BBCWG)  is a support network to empower full-figured Christian women. BBCWG provides women with the latest information on beauty, fashion, health, and make-up, while each navigates on their Christian journey. BBCWG encourages and supports Christian women and connects them to other members. We all need a special place to vent, relaxe, and to be ourselves. With a membership you win prizes playing games in theonline  Facebook group, trendy fashions posted, and T Shirts offer. 12 noon daily prayer each day we stop to pray for each other.

Evangelist Barbara Mack was called to ministry in 1993. Since beginning her work in the ministry, Evangelist Mack has encouraged tens of thousands of people. Throughout her years of experience in the ministry, Evangelist Mack noticed the negative stereotypes of "obese" women in her community, but she knew they were so much more than just a number on a scale. Then one faithful day, on March 23, 207, Evangelist Mack realized there was a calling to support these women and from that necessity was born the idea for Big Beautiful Christian Women Group. Evangelist Mack created the BBCWG as a vehicle to motivate and encourage full-figured Christian women to achieve their dreams. God has blessed Evangelist Mack with the BBCWG and she will continue to work diligently to empower women.

At Big Beautiful Christian Women Group, we promote the dignity and self-esteem of all our members, and strive to give them a chance to shine in public individually and as a group. To that end, we encourage members to participate in the events that get them out side of their homes, join group decision-making, through the members group page and emails, access to all areas of the group here at Big Beautiful Christian Women Group on Facebook, and self-determination in activities and socialization. BBCWG is not just a group but a close family working together to build every BBCW to soar higher and higher in their hopes and dream 

Big Beautiful Christian Womens Group vision is to be the world first and best group to invest in every BBCW . There will not be anyone who does not know about BBCW in every major city and state.BBCWG inspires Christian self-esteem and Christian community to become strong role models for other women.

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