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Join A Holy Bible Study Fellowship & Evangelism Team (Cypress, Katy, Houston, Texas)


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Ad number:#488394041
Contact:Servant of the Most High God
City:Cypress, TX
Posted in: Houston Churches


Please Read The Entire Ad First (Top to Bottom).  Then, honestly ask yourself these questions:

Are you a true Believer of Jesus Christ that live a holy and righteous life? Do you desire to live a holy lifestyle, but are struggling to do so? Are you willing to commit to attending at least 2 Bible Study Fellowship per month? Do you feel comfortable speaking with people about Jesus Christ? Do you desire to work in God's Harvest field? Do you walk in the power and the fruit of the Holy Spirit? Do you have a burden for lost souls? Do you love boldly sharing the true Gospel? Are you willing to travel to foreign countries to evangelize? Do you know what Hebrews 12:14 means in the life of a Believer? Are you interested in learning more about the bible? Are you interested in living a holy life and preparing your soul for Heaven? Are you looking for a church that preaches truth and does NOT water-down the Word of God?

Then, you are the person that we are looking for. We need your prayers and help to reach many souls in the Harvest field of God in the Cypress, Katy, Houston, and surrounding cities. You will work with other anointed, Spirit-filled Believers of Christ who rely on the wisdom of God and the power of His Holy Spirit to win many souls. Proverbs 11:30 says, "The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise."


  • Love Jesus Christ
  • Love ALL People
  • Love the Word of God and TRUTH
  • Prays Daily
  • Reads the Bible Daily
  • Teachable
  • Strong Faith and Biblical Foundation (Will disciple in this area)
  • Spirit-Filled and Water-Baptized
  • Have Compassion For Lost Souls
  • Passionate About Winning Souls to Christ
  • Believe In The Power of God's Word
  • Understands Repentance and Restitution (practices it according to God's Word)
  • Believe That You Can Living Holy and Without Sin Through The Power of the Blood of Jesus
  • Bold, Reliable, Steadfast
  • NOT Ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ - love telling every and anyone about the Gospel.
  • Participate in Outreach/Evangelism, Open-Air Preaching, Hold Signs/Banners, Distribute Tracts
  • Pray for Others According to God's Will and Using The Word of God
  • Faith in God's Word and Power
  • Understands Godliness and Righteousness
  • Understands God's Love and Judgment
  • Knows That Heaven and Hell are Real Places
  • Holy Character and Lifestyle
  • Modesty and Modest Dressing
  • Speak English fluently; Bilingual is a PLUS
  • Love To Commit Your Time To the Work of God


  • Will Be Trained and Equipped Spiritually
  • Must Enjoy Sharing with People From All Ethnicities, and Walks of Life
  • Willingness to Learn and Grow as a Disciple of Christ

*Transportation can be provided for those who live within a ten mile radius.*   Please inquiry only if you really need it.

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