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Obedient to Him


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Contact:Tim Winston
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Want to be obedient to Him? Study the Bible regularly and learn how! This is a KJV Bible study guide.


If you are not studying the whole Bible, there is no way you can know what the whole truth is, [what God's commands are]. When someone says, I'm a believer, but they never find time to study God's Word, ask yourself, what are they a believer of? Think about it!! You need to know and understand at least a little bit about what you say your beliefs are. You can't be ignorant of God's Word and tell others you are a true believer in that Word. You would be just play acting, you can't con God. See Psalm 145:18. You are allowing yourself to be controlled by those who limit what they want you to know. And this is accomplished by your Biblical illiteracy.

One of the many reasons why it is important to study God's Word, all of it, is so that we can know what our Father wants from us. There is nothing that God has withheld from us; it is all written in His Word. The more a person gets into the Word of God, the more they desire to serve God. It is important to find a little time to study God's Word on a daily basis.


At Christs return (God in the flesh), will you be able to report to Him, I have done as thou have commanded? Might be something to think about! See Deuteronomy 26:13-14; 1 Kings 9:4.

Another reason we need to study is so we know when another man is trying to deceive us. How else would we know? Don't choose to be deceived! Study the whole Bible and learn what God wants from you! Wean yourself off of the milk and get into the meat of His Word. Isaiah 29:13 [fake Christians described here, talkers, but not doers of His Word], Isaiah 30:9-14 [those that don't want to hear the truth from God's Word, or even hear about God. They say, tell me a lie instead. You get exactly what you ask for!]; Jeremiah 17:5; Matthew 7:22-23, 15:8-9; Mark 7:6-7; 1 Corinthians 14:33; Titus 1:14-16; Choose to study the whole Bible!


Something many Christians are unaware of: All things, even the wicked, are created by God, and have a purpose. He created us for His pleasure, glory, honor and power. We are one of His created, He is the Creator. He owns everything! Study and see for yourself! Deuteronomy 10:14; Psalm 24:1, 100:3; Proverbs 16:4; Ecclesiastes 12:13 [we all have a purpose]; Isaiah 43:7, 21; Ezekiel 18:4 [all souls are mine]; Colossians 1:16 [He created it all]; Revelation 4:11; Have you given Him any pleasure lately? Only you and God can answer that. 2 Timothy 2:15; study His Word of truth, become one who obeys Him!


If you choose not to study the Bible to the best of your abilities, you have, in effect, turned your back on God. No excuse this day and age.


He uses and rewards those who choose to obey Him; see Hebrews 11:6 plus other verses.


We must learn obedience, Christ is the perfect example; see Phillipians 2:8 and Hebrews 5:8.

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