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Science can't explain everything!


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For instance, let's take a single celled animal of any sort. Science can explain how the single celled animal operates, it's properties, how it reproduces and functions, etc. But, there is a limit to what science can explain about it, a line that science is not capable of crossing. It can't explain how that single celled animal came into existence, where it came from originally. You could say the same about most everything else. Gravity, for instance. Science can explain where it occurs and how it feels, how to overcome it, its properties; but science can't explain why it exists where it does and why it exists in the first place or how it got here. Put another way; you can slice anything you want, any way you want and science can’t explain it’s origin. Also, nothing explains it’s own existence.


Again, science can't explain everything. We could go on and on discussing different examples of this topic, but that is not really necessary. Science is limited! You might ask, limited by what? The limited perception of a human would be at least one place to start. Can a mere human know absolutely everything about anything? You have to admit, we humans are very limited; we only live a certain amount of time, we only live here on earth as far as we know, we only hear certain frequencies of sound, we only see a certain frequency of light, we only use a certain percentage of our brains and we can't see and touch everything. Can we see into another dimension? Do other dimensions even exist? Scientists can't answer these questions completely, plus so many more questions. Many try, but fall short of a complete answer; those pesky human limits show up again.


I must admit, most scientists avoid using science to explain the origin of something. They usually stick to what they can observe, touch and actually measure; but some do not. The theory of evolution would be a good example of that.


Where did science come from? It is an invention of humans which have those annoying limits spoken of earlier.


Science can explain some things, but not everything.


The natural man must know in order to believe; the spiritual man must believe in order to know.


Food for thought!


Most current issues such as climate change, abortion, etc. are agenda driven. The truths of science are totally left out of them. An example is abortion; most scientific/medical facts about abortion are totally ignored and never talked about by those who push abortion and the rights of women. They claim that there is a so-called war on women by those who oppose abortion. They never tell you the damaging effects of having an abortion such as the depression that comes after an abortion, among many other life changing negative effects. Have you ever noticed that those that support abortion have already been born and are alive today? Hmm? The whole story about our climate is never told to us. Only the data that supports their climate change agenda is talked about to create unwarranted fear among the population. Then they use those fears to enact laws that take more money from you and I in the form of taxes and move that money to there pockets. Greed is the basis for their feigned concern, not true concern for our climate.

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