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Deception is the Fuel That Propels Satan’s Devices.

Deception is one of the major areas in which Satan operates; in other words, that’s his primary strategy. Furthermore, that’s exactly what he used in order to get both Adam and Eve to sin against God in the garden of Eden (Genesis 3:4). His main goal is to influence men to believe in something untrue even though they may have already known the truth. Consider this, Adam and Eve were made perfect, which means that they had not had the sinful nature yet that we all have inherited after their fall. However, the enemy has deceived them anyway.

After that, men have constantly found themselves in a horrible mess struggling with a raging sinful nature, which gives them an intense desire to rebel against God. Consequently, that aggravates the problem much further because of that sinful nature men can’t control on their own. This then makes them more prone to fall into the devil’s traps to destroy every aspect of their lives. This sinful nature gives the enemy a legal right to deceive men, and hold them captive indefinitely unless something powerful is done in their lives by God through Christ in order to reverse that sinful tendency men have.

It’s true that the enemy doesn’t know what’s going on in men’s minds; however, he knows how they will react under certain circumstances. Why? He’s been doing it for several thousand years. He has developed great skills in manipulating, enticing, and provoking people to do what he wants them to do. He knows men’s weaknesses, and he uses that as an opportunity not only to deceive them, but to keep them in bondage for as long as he can.

Satan Uses Deception as an Influence to Keep Men From Coming to Christ.

As God’s children, we all had been living under his influence at some point in our life. He was our master, we were living a wretched, out of control, wicked, and desperate life as a result. The things that are repulsive to us now by the grace of God are the exact same things that we used to indulge in. Shockingly, we’d been quite comfortable doing them because we’d been blinded completely by the devil. It’s notable that whenever people are offered with the message of the gospel sometimes some of them say they are not ready for it now, or they have plenty of time just as though they have a strong hold on the future, others despise and mock it.

As Apostle Paul states in (1 Corinthians 1:18) “For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.” People in their blindness even claim that the gospel’s message is something only the uneducated would believe in. They come up with all kinds of lame excuses in order to give some form of justification as to why they’re not willing to accept Christ as their Savior. The truth is that the more you resist Christ, the more the enemy is holding you captive. By the way, that doesn’t change the reality that you’re moving toward your eternal fate.

While men are ignorant, or don’t want to acknowledge that they have an enemy they have to run away from as quickly as possible, but their ignorance has no impact on his destructive plan for their lives. The devil is working day and night while men are playing around with their eternity. Satan is very active in the field of deception because almost everything that he’s doing is based completely on it.


Embracing the Truth Which is Found in Christ is The Only Hope Men Have.


Jesus says in (John 8:32), “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” This Scripture clearly indicates that if you don’t know the truth, or don’t want to acknowledge the truth which Christ is the very embodiment of, you are bound by an external force, or you’re a slave of deception. There is no doubt about that, people can know the truth while still being held captive by the enemy. What really sets people free is the knowledge of the truth or embracing the truth wholeheartedly.

Satan through sinful pleasures, deception, false religions, along with false doctrine keeps men completely from acknowledging the truth that can set them free. Interestingly, the devil doesn’t have much of a problem with people believing in whatever they like to believe in, but his main problem is with the truth. Consequently, as long as men keep on living in such a horrible state by refusing to accept the truth that comes from God through Christ by His Spirit, they’ll never be able to make the right decision regarding their eternity.

We’re dealing with absolute and eternal truth. Therefore, people can believe in anything they want to, but that’s pretty much futile because it has absolutely no impact on God’s truth. Most importantly, people’s eternity will be determined based on the truth laid out in the Word of God. If there is one absolute way something can be done, you can try all means as you want to. But apart from that way, you’re going to experience failure upon failure. The same analogy applies to divine truth. Believing in something untrue will not convert it into truth. The devil is so effective in keeping men in error, they can’t even grasp the truth that one day they will spend their eternity somewhere. Therefore, the choice they make right now determines where they’ll end up being. Clearly, if men had really understood how valuable their soul is they would have run away from Satan a long time ago by coming to God. What is truth? See John 17:17 in a KJV Bible.


Satan is known as the father of lies according to Jesus (John 8:44) because that’s consistent with whom he really is. There can’t be any truth in him because he’s disconnected to the source of truth that is God. As humans, who have that wonderful opportunity to be saved, and develop an intimate relationship with God through Christ shouldn’t allow a loser who has absolutely no future to get us off track or to keep us completely away from God’s plan and purpose for our life. The undeniable truth is that our life is far more important than the enemy’s life because God has placed an eternal value on our life that He hasn’t placed on Satan’s life.


How do you avoid being deceived? Study God’s word cover to cover, book by book, chapter by chapter and verse by verse. How else will you know what is in God’s word if you do not study it completely? Connect the dots and get a much more complete picture. We are commanded to study; see 2 Timothy 2:15 in a KJV Bible.

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