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My name is Jacob Higgs, As far as a resume I attempted to put one together but I am not real savvy on technology, but here is what I am able to bring forth. Open Bible Baptist Church, Yorktown TX. Assistant Pastor Starting March 2013 Ending September 2016 Conducted: Wednesday night prayer and message. Filled pulpit during times without Pastor. Reason for leaving: I have a ministry called The Word Ministry, a ministry outside the church walls in which I do street ministry. Felt the need to have Revival in our little town but was not lead to have Open Bible to lead and conduct. As I traveled outside of town things were fine, as I stated to do things within our town they asked me to give the ministry over to them, stop the ministry, or leave church. After prayer, we ( my wife, daughter, and myself) left the church. Primera Iglesia Bautista: Senior Pastor Started October 2016 Remain at present time Conduct Sunday school, Sunday sermon, Sunday night service, Wednesday night prayer and message. Reason for leaving: This is a great group of people, however, they have been under the impression for many years that one can just be bench warmers and expect to be fruitful. Love them very much, but they absolutely refuse to be doers of the word. I have prayed hard over the discussion to move on, and feel I have done all I can. Other activities: As stated, The Word Ministry is a street mission in which we take the Word of God to the street. This is something I will bring with me in hopes the new church home will participate in. Also do correspondence study within the prison system. Been working with a ministry called Heaven S'Cent for almost 2 years. This is a KJ only ministry in which teaches the KJ Bible to inmates and encourage discipleship within the walls. References: Pastor Rudy Vargas: (682)-401-7211 Heaven S'Cent prison ministry Yorktown TX Pastor Jerry Mercer: (210) 551-2259 First Baptist Church Holdin Beach TX Pastor Julian Gonzales (210) 535-4615 Primera Iglesia Bautista New Braunfels TX 1) I believe that it is important to know, I preach and teach the 1611 KJ Bible only, not only is this what I use it is what I believe to be the uncompromised word of God. 2) I believe in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. I believe The Father, God Almighty, is the creator of all and nothing was created aside from Him. I believe The Son, God Himself in human flesh, came to earth as Jesus Christ, to condemn and conquer sin once and for all. I believe He arose the third day to leave sin in the grave, to leave sin in death. I believe that one day He will come back to gather His flock, meaning the people in whom has called on His name and His name only for the forgiveness of their sin. I believe The Holy Ghost, The Comforter, comes into the ones who cry out with a repentant hurt. I believe that The Holy Ghost in which comes into our lives, once we receive gift of salvation, which only comes from Christ, was granted at the day of Pentecost, not before, as that is when the Holy Ghost fell among the people. I believe all three, Father, Son, Holy Ghost, are three in one. Meaning they are all God, one God in three forms, with three rolls in the life of the Believer. I back this belief of the Trinity in the simplest study of Genesis 1:1, John 1:1,14. 3) Baptism, I believe in full immersion baptisim. This is a representation of the Death, Burial, and Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I do not believe that baptism is what grants access into Heaven. Baptism is an outward expression of Faith, the faith in which we have in Jesus Christ. I do not perform a baptism on a baby, nor on any person who does not have an understanding of baptisim, or salvation. I do not believe that one must be baptized into a church to become a member of a church. The scripture clearly states, One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism, although this is in reference to the baptism of the Holy Ghost, I feel it also is applicable to water baptism as for what it is symbolising. If a believer has been baptized, in faith, by another church and has sufficient evidence I feel that one should be granted membership. I feel that asking one to be baptized again, for the sole purpose of membership is a mockery of the Word and work of Christ. He died once, and Arose once, and states One Baptism. If however, someone was under false conversation, and come to the truth, I would have no reason not to perform a baptism. 4) I believe that Jesus was conceived by a virgin, Mary. In order to be born without sin, He would have to be born without the sinful seed of man. This does not mean that Mary is to be held as a sinless woman, to be worshiped. In order for Christ to be born in the flesh and be fully God in the same. God is the Father, not Joesph, Mary was the vessel to bring forth the birth. Mary was not sinless, she had an earthly birth which contains the sinful nature of man. 5) I believe God created earth and all that is within, and above. I believe he created it perfect. I believe He created all before the fall of satan, and that the fall of satan corrupted what He made. Causing God to destroy what He made in the beginning, starting over, and giving man free will to choose to love Him and serve Him or reject Him. 6) I believe that satan roams this earth today, trying to convince man to not follow after God. I believe that he still uses the Word of God as he did with Christ in order to deceive man. 7) I believe that it is our job as believing Christians, to bring forth the truth. To go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost This is links to services for your review. (A new work) (Christian battle field) (Don't jump ship) Pastor Jacob Higgs (936) 488-9204 P.o.Box 1255 Yorktown TX, 78164

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