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in New York City: Brooklyn
New York City: Brooklyn

Are you looking for any cleaning,dogwalking,petsiiting,babysitting!


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Ad number:#592128250
City:Bayonne Hob Jc Uc


Hello!my name is jessie are you looking for any cleaning for your home bussiness or office 🏤🏢🏫🏨🏦🏪no job to small or to big.Just let me know what job needs to get done and it will be done trust me.Are you a stay at home mom Elderly or just any one need a helping hand then i am here for you.I scrub down all your stove tops,cabinets,bathrooms🚿🛁🛀Fixing all your 🛌 pivking up all your toys⚽⚾🎾🏈🎸🎷organization of any 📚🎮 💻 rooms.Fixing and organizations of any closets polshing furniture. Sweep ,mopping,vacuum polishing all your wooden floors.Wiping down mirrors washing any dishes as well.also i can fix your laundry 👙👘👖🎽👗👚👔👕or do any lovely meals 🎂🍰🍧🍗🍟🍔🍕🍤🍝🍖🍼🍵or any filing or organization of files or any errands but that wolud be extra.Need help with any 🐕 walking ,petsitting i can feed them take them out on a lovely stroll around the nieghborhood or any dog park.Playing with them. With toys ,balls,frisbee,running keeping them in shape and showing them new tricks.Feeding them giving them any fresh water ,food,treats and any meds as well.Any pets are welcome🐸🐰🐹🐭🐱🐵🐴🐥🐍🐢🐧🐼🐮🐷cleaning out there cage giving them fresh water food and meds as well while your at work vacation or any bussiness trip.treat them withall the love with lots of hugs petting them while you away treating them like my own.Do you have any kids and you need a helping hand while your at work or might just need a night out to relax Dont know who to call then im here for you as them lovely meals🍗🍟🍼🍖🍝🍤🍕🍔I can help them out with homework i love to do activities with them as well so they can show you what there. Day was like.also i can play any 🎮🏀⚽⚾🎾🏉watching any movies and if they are girls we can play 👗 do any 💅 💄 if they and play with there 🐻 and having. any lovely tea party as well. They would love my company while you are away.I also would do any lovely meals that they want done 🍕🍤🍝🍖🍔🍟🍗🍼🍵you can check in with me at any video chat calls at any time i can also send you pictures showing you how much fun they are me you wont need to call any one else just a call away or you can text i would get back to you.please only serious inquires only.5512349367 no scams i love my job and i am real so hope you are to. If you need to cancel on any appioinments please just call and let me know.i do have reffances if needed so trust me you wont need to call anyone else again.

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