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Tired of doing laundry. Let me do it for you!


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Tired of coming home from a long day at work to baskets full of dirty laundry. Or do you just hate spending hours folding everyone's laundry. Let me do it for you. I will come and pick up your laundry from your front door, wash, dry, and fold it all and then drop it all back off leaving you to just have to put it up.
All laundry will be weighed and charged $1.75/lb with a minimum charge of $17.50 per load (1 load=10lbs)
Large/ Bulky items will be charged extra/ set price (example: comforters, dog beds, etc.)
If you would like items air dried or hung you must provide all needed hangers
I will let you know what soap/ dryer sheets I will be using (usually Tide or Gain depending) or All free and clear for unscented requests
If you are wanting any other soap/ scent beads/ softener etc. You must provide these items.
Any and all special instructions must be written out and set out with laundry
I reserve the right to cancel any orders due to unacceptable circumstances: (examples: unsanitary laundry: feces, roaches, blood, etc. , rudeness, lateness)
Please make sure there are no non washable items mixed in with laundry pens, markers, headphones, lighters, etc. I will do my best to check laundry before washing but will not be held responsible if I miss something and it ruins any article of clothing.
All details will be discussed before I come and pick up laundry:
When/ where it will be picked up
How much will be picked up
When it will be delivered
Any other questions or concerns
Payment method:
Cash or paypal only no other method will be accepted.
Payment with PayPal will be due when I inform you that laundry is completed and send a picture of clean items before I drop it off.
Payment with cash will be required to pay a $40 deposit with the rest due at time of drop off. If order is less than $40 customer will be refunded excess amount.
Laundry will be ready within 24-48 hours of pick up unless otherwise advised due to excess orders or large orders.
An upcharge may occur depending on the distance I have to drive to pick up/ drop off order but will be discussed before order is accepted.
I will not waste your time and expect the same in return.
Contact through email or text only!
No phone calls!

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