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Contact:Jean Carlo
Phone:(800) 836-9983
City:Boston, MA


Janitorial Cleaning Ashland MA



Boston Quality Cleaning Service: Book Your Cleaning Appointment TODAY (Greater Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Watertown, Newton, Framingham and more)
We clean : office, facilities, commercial space of any kinds, condos and offices in Boston, Brighton, Cambridge, Allston, Braintree, Watertown, Somerville, Cambridge, Downtown Boston and many more cities.

We offer:
*Weekly, bi-weekly and monthly services and any cleaning frequency you choose.
*One time only cleanings are also available
*Deep cleaning. We bring our own cleaning supplies. We offer reasonable/affordable/competitive prices.
*Janitorial Cleaning
*School Cleaning
*Dental Office Space
*Home Office/SOHO
*Industrial Cleaning Services
*Laboratory Cleaning
*Clinic Cleaning
*Gym Cleaning
*Moving in/Moving Out Cleaning
*Pre-party and post-party cleaning
*Office space cleaning

You interested in office cleaning on a regular basis? We offer weekly, 5-times/week, weekend, bi-weekly, tri-weekly, monthly, commercial cleaning schedules. You may choose the frequency. We will go the extra mile to accommodate your cleaning schedule.

Why Choose Boston Quality Cleaning Services to schedule an estimate: (617) 515-4064:

- BBB Accredited Business since 2006 | 17 Positive Reviews | Rate: A+ | Check us out: BBB ID: 61610
- Angieslist Award 2011 | Company ID: 7737018
- Green Seal Certified (Organic Non-Harmful Office Cleaning Products)
- Commercial Quality Equipment And Accessories, Upholstery Machine, Floor Scrubbing/Buffing, Hepa Filter Vacuums, Microfiber Cloths
- Crew Always Well Groomed And In Uniform
- Always Punctual Crew
- Direct Line Available 24/7 For Any Emergency
- Insured and Bonded (Insurance Certificate Issued For All Accounts)
- Worker's Compensation
- Overnight Crew Available To Service Your Facility
- Extensive Background Check Of Every Employee
- 100s of Solid References
- 15+ Years Of Experience Cleaning Commercially (EST. 2001).
- Massachusetts Registered Corporation (Corp ID: 205363039)
- More than 40 Video Testimonials From Very Satisfied Clients Endorsing Our Services
- Owner supervises each and every account. You can see the picture and videos from the owner all over the web. We are completely accountable/responsible for every action we take.
- Written Notarized Legal Service Guarantee By Owner: "The Most Thorough Office Cleaning Ever or It's FREE"

Services: We are ready to Clean Residential and Commercial. Here's a range of options we have experience cleaning:, Apartment complexes, Apartments, Banks, Banks branch Cleaning, Building Maintenance, Building/Route Maintenance, Carpet Cleaning, Ceramic Porcelain Marble Hardwood Floors Cleaning, Clean all kitchen appliances and cabinets, Clean and sanitize bathrooms, Clean computer screens, Clean glass surfaces, Clean microwave, sink and counter area, Clean Windows/Glass Washing, Commercial Cleaning Services., Common Areas, Day Care, Deep Cleaning, Dental Offices, Dust and wipe furniture, fixtures and pictures on wall, Dust baseboards, windowsills, door frames and blinds, Empty and clean all wastebaskets, Empty and clean towel receptacles, Entry Door Windows, Fill toilet tissue, soap and towel dispensers, Floor Striping, Buffing or Burnishing, floor Washing and Waxing, Furniture Cleaning/Professional Treatment, Garage organizing, General Housekeeping Cleaning, Gyms, Help Tenants and Landlords during all phases of cleaning/painting/moving, Home Cleaning, Home Office Cleaning, Hotel Cleaning, House Cleaning, House/Janitorial/Commercial Space Carpet, Housekeeping, Houses, Janitorial Services, Kitchen Cleaning, Kitchen/Service Cleaning, Maid Service/Cleaning Lady/Custom Cleaning, Medical Offices, Meeting room, Move Out Cleaning, Move Outs And Rental Turn Overs, Move-ins, Move-outs, Office Cleaning, Office Cleaning Services, Offices, One Time Office Cleaning (or regular cleaning), Post-construction, Post-party cleaning, Pressure-Washer, Professional Cleaning Services, Remove cobwebs, Residential Apartment Building Cleaning Services, Restaurant Cleaning, Restaurants, Retail Spaces, School Cleaning, Schools, Small To Large Business Cleaning, Spring Cleaning, Stone, Marble and Tile Cleaning, Stores, Stripping And Waxing, Sweep and mop all tile and wood floors, Sweep and mop kitchen floor, Trash removal, Turn Over Painting/Junk Removal/Move-in Cleaning, Upholstery Care and Cleaning, Vacuum all carpeting, Warehouse/Garage Cleaning, Wash drinking fountains, Wash Floors Cleaning, Window Washing.

Call, Text or Email to request a FREE Estimate Visit:

Jean Carlo: (617) 515-4064
Take a look at the dozens of video testimonials our current valuable customers gave us on our website: Those compliments mean the world to us.

Company: Boston Quality Cleaning Services, Inc.
1 Shipyard Way Suite 306 Medford MA 02155

Dozens of highly satisfied clients in our Portfolio since 2002.

Average Price For A 1,000 SQ FT Office Cleaned once a week: Only $75

Commercial Cleaning Services Boston, Janitorial Services Newton, *Office Cleaning* Brookline Quincy MA
Office Phone: 1-800-836-9983
For your convenience, you may also text the owner of the company, Jean Brito, (781) 443-4337 your questions/requests 24/7. We will reply right away.

. Bathroom --clean outside and inside of toilet bowl and tank, wash inside and outside of sink/basin, clean mirror(s) and mop floor
. Kitchen -- clean inside and outside of microwave, clean outside of stove including underneath stove burners and stove top, wash off all counters and sink, clean outside of dishwasher and refrigerator and mop the floor
. Meeting Rooms -- clean off all tables, clean glass on frames and mirrors and vacuum room
. General Office/Desk Space -- throughout every room we dust off all flat surfaces, computer monitors and keyboards, clean baseboards and remove cobwebs. We also take out your garbage shredded paper and recycling and reline your bins.

Reasons To Choose Boston Quality Cleaning Services To Clean Your Facility.

Like a Tailor - Your company will receive the services of a small cleaning company fully insured. Being small makes us like a tailor. Each service that we provide is carefully executed by our crew. Always with the mindset pointing to top quality.
Trust - You can trust us. Boston Quality Cleaning Service is a Better Business Bureau A+ Accredited Business. We know how important it is to respect the rules of good business relationships.

Rates - Boston Quality Cleaning Services rates are competitive with the big chains, but the service is more personal, more tailored to your needs. Whenever we meet, we will discuss what needs to be done and then we will email you a detailed proposal.

Philosophy - Cleaning done to perfection. In order to achieve the quality that you are looking for, we are very patient to do it right and thoroughly. You can be assured that we will be very careful with your office. We use the proper cleaning products to clean your office items.

Communication - Because you will deal directly with the owners of the company on site, you can have peace of mind that there will be no misunderstandings regarding the cleaning of your office.

Affordability - Please invite us for a free estimate and we will give the best quote you can get. We believe Quality should not be a tradeoff for price. You should get both: a high quality cleaning at an affordable amount.

Organization - Besides cleaning, we are very good at organizing things. You will have all office items neatly organized and very well cleaned. And that, for sure, will boost the confidence of your employess.

Punctuality - We are always punctual. If you say 8:00 AM, that's when we will be there. If you hand us the key and expect your place to be cleaned on a certain date, that's when it's going to be cleaned.

To Whom It May Concern:

Boston Quality Cleaning Services has provided Modernista! exceptional service for over 2 years. All of our expectations are always met. Our workspace is very old with all hardwood floors and many white walls and we occupy 3 floors which covers a large space, 22,400 sq. ft. This is no small feat but Boston Quality Cleaning Service has managed the job with ease and professionalism. They are friendly, easy to work with, discreet, trustworthy, they have honest suggests, always efficient, timely, accommodating and extremely flexible so as to meet our needs. I would recommend them to any small to mid-size company that requires personalized and friendly service.

Sincerely, "
Lisa Mullaney
Office Manager
Kingston Street Boston, MA

Have you ever experienced dissatisfying cleaning services?

Did you ever receive poor quality property management from service companies? Are you looking for the best and high quality janitorial services in Boston today? Well, here is the Boston Quality Cleaning Services, Inc.! Founded by Jean Carlo and Marli Paes, the highest quality this company can give is the ensured satisfaction of cleaning services and property management to customers.

Janitorial Cleaning Ashland MA

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